Drug testing clinic

I work at a drug testing clinic--you know, the one where people go while on probation for court-ordered drug testing.

When a woman comes in for a urine sample, I have to observe it by law. I make her pull her shirt up under her b****** and her pants and panties down to her calves. Then I have her turn around in front of me with her belly, bottom, and p**** showing. I love how ashamed and humiliated they look when I first tell them what they have to do.

The next step is even worse. I have the woman sit on the toilet with her legs spread and I have her part her l**** as wide as possible so I can watch her pee into the receptacle. I get so turned on watching a woman show me their c***, urethra, and p**** hole.

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  • Would you like to see my wifes p**** and c***? I have lots of nasty pics of her? If interested, send this back with " wanting your wife!" Hippy 6944@gmail. com

  • Liar!

  • In this country the urethra doubles up and is also a pee hole. dual use!

  • Dope heads deserve it. Worthless acting idiots.

  • Yes if you're a dope head you have to spread your p****.

  • Pfft. The people like you need these tests to prove you are not on drugs right now.

  • ...totally so..........

  • Liar.

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