I was washing my stepdaughters hair , its long and she dosent rince it very well yet, she she was getting out of the shower and I said you need some body lotion your skin is dry. I had her lie on my bed face up as I rubbed the lotion all over her and removed her towel to do her girly areas, she started to like my caressing her and rolled over and I was doing her back and little ass . I was so hard I slipped my gym shorts down and had her raise her butt and get on her knees with her face still on the mattress her arms out in front of her. I started rubbing my d*** head against her little pink slit and working my precum into her p**** deeper and deeper as she grunted with every pass and push into her. I reached a point where im to far to stop and take her virginity she was calm until then and only cried a bit until we came, its been hard not to take her all the time now



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  • All pedi files must be killed on site! Kill at will!

  • Liar. You need to be hacked into little b***** pieces.

  • Once you start never stop. Keep her..she is yours now.

  • GFY, h***!

  • After all those criticism, I am hesitant to confess anything. There is no way to know this isn't true. Many people see the world in different ways and it seems to me he is just confessing his family relations.

  • Your pedophilia is not a secret.

  • I notice no age is given, youth is implied but not said. I kinda liked it :)

  • Sweet !

  • I hope you rot in h*** you sick m***********. And before you get to h***, i hope you got to prison where some big black guy makes you his b****.

  • Not very nice :)

  • I don't care if you think it's nice or not. You can go to h*** too, you sick m************ pedophile.

  • Its totally fake you know. Posting it to get responses from you like this is probably his fetish.

  • Fake or not (and I'm sure you are right), he's a sick m*********** for even thinking about. How long before his fetish turns real and some girl has to pay the price. People like this are just sick and they need to be put down like a rabid dog.

  • If I may intervene in your little discussion:

    People like this are just BORED. Granted they may be a bit sick as well, but mostly they're just extremely bored.
    People like this are called "trolls". These are just fantasies that never have and never will be lived out. The author is posting them in an attempt to provoke an emotionally elevated response from anyone who reads them. It's called "trolling", and what you're doing is called "feeding the troll" when you're giving him precisely the reaktion he's looking for and feeding on. No matter what you may think of his fantasies, you're only encouraging him by reacting so strongly.

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