My first pregnancy

I was 13 at the time , my work at school was so bad at the moment so my teacher suggested i took homework club i said yes because i need good grades, when i went the first time i was the only person there so it was werid.
when we started working together he sat beside me and started touching my leg i chose to ignore it but he got further up my leg and put his hand on my private parts i didnt know what to do, he kissed me and i kissed back and that lead to s** in a classroom i remember afterwards i dressed Quickly and ran home at nine o'clock at night my parents were home sleeping.
weeks passed and i slept with my teacher three times and i started puking up and started having signs of being pregnant, i took a pregnancy test and came out that i was pregnant was shocked and sad, i took pills to get rid of it but they didnt work after three months i told my parents i was pregnant and i didnt tell them who the dad was, my mother supported me but my father wasnt. my mother said i didnt need to tell her who the father was if that made me happy
at six months i told my teacher i was pregnant and he rejected me so then i stopped going to school and stayed at home for all of my pregnancy
my beautiful daughter Alana was born and is and always be a blessing to me.

Oct 14, 2017

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  • You are illiterate. The word "I" is capitalized.

  • She's not illiterate. Her parents were married at the time of her birth!

  • Good for you for being the responsible one, raise your daughter as strong, smart and caring as you

  • If you tell that story to a judge he'll make that teacher send you some money every month while he rejects you

  • Exactly, he needs to be responsible for his actions.

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