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I [20f] just moved into an apartment with my bf [24m] of about six months. We've been pretty serious, and have talked about getting engaged. I really love him. He's also majorly attractive, and I admit that I'm a little insecure about it, because although I'm good looking, I'm not sure what he sees in me.

Anyway, I was unpacking some of his stuff while he was at work and came across some of his diaries--he loves to write. I couldn't help but read them. Some of the stuff I read creeps me out and makes me question his morality, because he's done things like threesomes and even a gang bang once. I don't get why he would disrespect himself like that. It's like he doesn't understand that being intimate is a sacred thing.

The worst thing I came across was that he was s******* some lady who was 38, married, and pregnant. This was not even two years ago. It was a coworker of his (and might still be, I don't know). That he would violate another couple's marriage has me really upset, because it's not the vibe I've ever gotten from him. It's like seeing a whole different side of him, and one that I don't like.

Obviously I haven't brought any of this up to him, because I don't want him to know that I read his diaries. He has really treated me well, and I have no doubt that he is faithful to me at this time. I just worry about his morals, because in the past he hasn't been able to keep his d*** in his pants. I love him so much, and I want him to just be mine forever.

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  • Be thankful that you found out this information sooner rather than later--a leopard can't change his spots. He likely still has a carefree attitude towards s** that could be problematical later. Consider yourself warned.

  • You shouldn't dig too much into his past. So he had some fun, and got his rocks off a few times. If you're lucky enough to have a great relationship for life, those youthful moments will be distant memories. Just love him and appreciate that he has some kinks.

  • Haha, he's probably f****** that older woman right now. Do you know where he is at? If not, well guess what.

  • Ok, the thing about having s** with a married woman is a bit f***** up, but I don't see problems with him being sexually adventurous outside of having a relationship. What about that bothers you?

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