Sharing/Exposing Drunk Wife

When my wife any I go out, or even just have guests over, always try to get her to where the sluttiest outfit that she is willing to wear. Miniskirts are a must, always wearing a thong underneath. And any top that really shows off her t***. something low cut, and even overly revealing when she moves in the right way. I always try to make sure she has plenty to drink. It really helps to get her going to flirt with the men and women. One evening we were out with 2 other guys, and after a few hours at a bar, we decided to finish the evening with a few drink at our house. I drove the minivan home, as she wanted to sit in the back seat between the guys. A continuation from showing off her panties at the bar. Once we started to get moving, She lean forward form the back seat to change the radios station on the front dash. Of course she took her time as the guys intently stared at her bare ass, with just a small strip of lace between her cheeks form her thong. I reached behind her and slid her skirt up to make sure there was a clear view of everything. I asked the guys if her panties were getting damp, and if they couldn't see, they are more than welcome to feel around a bit. It took no time at all for each of them to have a hand sliding up her inner thigh. right up to her panties. The guys started a debate (jokingly) where the really wet spot was, and how wet it was. My wife still "pretending" to fumble with the radio. Her eyes closing with a grin across her face. It wasn't long before she starting a little moan. I told the guys that made she would be better sitting back, leaving the radio to what ever station it was on. As she sat back, one of the guy guided her skirt so that it was around her waist as she sat down. they immediately went back to rubbing on and around her p**** through her lace panties. She popped her legs up on the each of the legs of the guys next to her so that she can spread herself open for them. as she finished positioning herself, she opened slid the spaghetti straps of her top off so that she can expose her lovely DD's, and finishing with resting her hands on each of their bulged growing in their pants. Each of the guys feely helped themselves to the breast closest to them. Her panties slid to the side, each taking turns sliding 2 fingers in her, while the other works on her c***. It wasn't long before she had undone each of their zippers, and was working on hardening the meat they each had to offer. Checking my GPS, we had about 20 minutes before we got back to my place. I told they guys that she gets to c** first, and we only had 20 minutes before we got back. They instant went into high gear, and she was really panting heavy within minutes. "Oh God!" - she screams out. "I'm gonna c**!" And she did. her body convulsing. The sloshing sound of god known's how many fingers they had in her at once. After a few minutes, she calmed down a bit. and showed interest in the to c**** she had in her hands. With out missing a beat, she slid right to her knees, turned around, and damn near swallowed the whole c*** of the guy to her right (well, now her left, with her kneeling and facing them) in one shot. All I can see form the front seat was her head bobbing up and down at lightning speed. He didn't last long. I bucked hips forward. She went down to hold it in her throat as long she could. and just emptied every bit of c** right into her throat. She still had guy number 2 to her right, keeping him hard with a tight grip on him. He saw what she could do, and what she could take. As she slip over to him, and started to go down on him, he took control. Gripping 2 handfuls of hair for the side of her head. Completely control of face f****** he was about to provide. And what a face f****** it was. He wanted to hold out as long as he could to really enjoy those last few minutes up to our house. And he did. right when we about to get to the driveway, he yells out "Oh S***!!!" as pushes and hold my wife's face down to his pelvis. Honestly, he really didn't need to hold it there. She would have done that herself. But, DAMN!! that was hot as h***. Blowing his load right into her throat, as we pulled up to the house.

That was the best damn drive home from the bar ever. We did continue some fun inside for an a hour or so. After a few more drinks, we f***** her every way we can think of. At any given moment, she had 1, 2, or 3 d**** in hers, making sure that we thoroughly f***** every hole she had.


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  • Too long of a story but very erotic. Showing off your wife is the most arousing experience. I just had my wife’s sister and her husband over for a week and we had a great time. We spent a lot of time together just the four of us and I loved it. My wife doesn’t change her dress code because of them around the house and I love it. My brother in law loves it too.

  • My wife and I play the same kind of games. Anytime I take her out with the guys, or even at home with the guys, After a few drinks, b******* all around are pretty standard. It a running joke where if I invite a few friends to hang out or go out, they all ask if the wife will be joining us. Once I say yes, it's 100% attendance. She doesn't f*** any of them. Well, only with her mouth. Nothing like poker night with 4 buddies, aside from serving drinks and snacks, she goes around table on her knees sucking everyone off all night long.

  • My wife enjoys sucking me off in front our friends. I don’t think she is bold enough to suck them off too. But that would certainly be a sight to see.

    And for all those “it’s fake/BS”, there is a whole life style out there where can be open a free and enjoyed from a whole different perspective. I applaud those you can have some happy successful adventures. We all know that it’s not for everyone.

  • What a great wife, I want mine to be like that so badly

  • Your wife wants a real man and you can't deliver.

  • Let me guess, you're the real man to deliver.

  • What a bunch of BS!

  • Fantastic story. Wish my wife did stuff like that.


  • Perv

  • Why are you here in this section reading this? And hes the perv?

  • Better a perv than a thief like you.

  • Not really a cuck, as I just don't watch. I was only stuck watching for a bit while I drove. I just enjoy sharing my hot slutty wife with a few friends. And I'm the one that runs the show and has complete control.

  • How long have you been a cuck? I know 4other guys and we like to nail the wife and then fill the cuck's holes too. Can you handle some double penetration? Ever been spit fried? Do you swallow?

  • The other post has been updated with last night's adventure.

  • We had a nice night out again last night. I'll be updating the other post with last nights story soon.

  • Https:// for the unfiltered text :)

  • Amazing story man so awesome

  • It's not real. I just like to fantasize.

  • It was real. Quite real. I do fantasize, but those are a lot more extravagant. We've only had 2 or 3 three evening like these.

  • Liar

  • Lovely...i would have loved to join in. good girl for taking it all. did you get to blow your load when you got in the house?

  • She took on quite few loads of c** that night. In her p****, 2 in her ass, but she swallowed quite a few. There was only one other night before hand when we had our first full threesome. I came in her mouth a few times then. Since these get togethers, she has dressed to impress, but no more threesomes.

  • Do you swallow to Our?

  • Too?

  • I don't suck d***. I leave that to my wife ;)

  • You do too suck d-i-c-k. Don't be ashamed.

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