Learning late

My wife and I live a normal , middle class life. Last year we both got better paying jobs and her gay friend jay got us in to some exclusive condos. In 2 months we knew and partied with half the people there, thanks to jay. Three wks a go I was looking for my wife, and stopped there.jay invited me in, said he was on the phone and make myself comfy. I grabbed a beer and went in the den. I noticed he had a p**** on, and seen a great looking guy in a weight room tan , muscled up, and slid speedo off, and his thick shaved c*** popped out.he slid his hand down and started stroking his big tool, as a feminine blonde guy,came over and started sucking it...." Hey ! Now what's up ,? He scared me , and I snapped out of it, he sat next to me and lit a joint. We smoked and I told him I was looking for my wife. He said you sure do! Looking at my crotch- my d*** was so hard it showed through my sweat pants ! I didn't know what to say- the p*** made me h**** !! I was high. And he reached over and felt it I was freaking out- wow he said,nice ! Then he started rubning up and down,when he heard me moan, he said lift up- and slid them down,leaned over and sucked me until I came. I left, and never spoke about it to anyone.

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