For you

I separated my accounts for you
I spent tons of money for you
You made me love you, and I did for you
I’m leaving her for you
I had unprotected s** with you, for you
I tried new things for you
I accelerated my thoughts and emotions for you.
And now, you are scared. Now you say that you don’t know if it’s meant to be, now that I’ve given you my entire being, you want to hit the brakes. You are pained and complex. You have baggage you do not want to let go of. You say that I’m everything yoUve ever wanted, but now that I’m here you break my already broken heart.
All I want is to love you, and you won’t let me.
You’re damaged and broken, I thought I made you whole, but you’ve destroyed me too.

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  • Too bad. It took me all that time to see you clearly, for WHAT you are. You lied to and ditched her because your b@lls itched, after years of cheating. I'm supposed to be flattered by that? What will stop you from doing it to me? And how does it feel to be played the way you play others?

  • I hope you learned your lesson.

  • :( I understand. Just know it's about her and not you. When someone is damaged, it's hard for them to believe and accept love because they don't even know what it is. In some cases, they believe they are being tricked. Overall, they are simply afraid. Afraid that in the end, they will get hurt. It isn't you, it's her... she needs to get help. You can't love someone back to health, or love them whole. You can only accompany them on the journey as they learn to do that for themselves. You also can't blame her for decisions you made. Take responsibility, mourn, accept, and move on. This too shall pass.

  • Pathetic!

  • Neat

  • Yeh big mistake for a rapist to think he makes a woman whole, he puts a hole in her v***** and head and that don't equal love. your annothia won't let you go so just stop torturing the lovely single woman and go home to your wife and kids and stop make believing a false dream that only you share.

  • You're pathetic! Pick on the pedophile, incestuous and pant sniffing op's, not this pathetic sod!

  • Out of all the confessions to pick on, you pick on this one? How about the guys who steal their relatives underwear, or the ones who actually s**** them. This man or woman didn't even say they were married and had kids. Seek mental help.

  • Newsreader is a witch she called me a witch and she is a witch. kylie is loose and doggard as her too.

  • Just live in the moment

  • It never hurts to do what she wants

  • Its tough

  • You’re first mistake was doing what she wanted.

  • Your, not "You're"

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