Ruined my marriage? (Part 2)

I was so messed up I couldn’t even stop, I just looked at her and she was staring at my husband who was on his knees and elbows, Face buried in my p**** with one hand under my butt and his thumb in it and the other hand pulling on my stretchy little left nip which was burning he was pulling so hard but it felt so good, I didn’t even acknowledge that she was there and closed my eyes, She walked right up beside the bed and my husband stopped, Stared at me with fear in his eyes and I grabbed his head shoving it back down, Emma looked at me and I just laid there shaking and moaning. Emma turned to face the door and got down on her knees looking under my husband and I watched her reaction, She swallowed hard and sighed, Looked at me again and was wide eyed. I watched her and she never broke her stare at his c*** until she looked at me, I just grunted and she slid her hand under him. I twisted my upper body to the side and watched as she slid her hand under him, Grabbed his c*** and whimpered like a little puppy.
My husband was already dripping, He had a big drop of pre come on his k*** and I don’t know where Emma learned it but she used her thumb to wipe it across his k*** and then massaged his tip, My husband lifted his body and looked down at her hand then at me and he slid up putting his c*** right at my vag, Emma, Somewhere along the way has learned a trick or two and she started rubbing his k*** on my c*** which is a sure fire way to put me over the edge, I was spread so wide that nothing was hidden and Emma stroked him and massaged his b****, I put my legs down and kept my knees up, Emma reached across my stomach and grabbed his c***, she reached under the other leg with her other hand and grabbed his b****, She pressed his tip against my embarrassingly wet hole and said “Do you want it?”, My husband nodded, Emma said “say it”, My husband said “I wanna f*** her” and Emma let go of his shaft but held his b**** as he slid into me, I moaned loud, Like loud and Emma leaned back, I couldn’t see below her stomach but she obviously had her hand down there fingering.
My husband was leaning over watching her and then she whipped her shirt off, My husband obviously stared at her and watched her until she stood up and stood beside the bed with her panties at her knees which somewhere along the way disappeared but when I looked they were at her knees, She was leaning back so he could see as she spread herself and fingered watching us. My husband was slow stroking and every stroke brought me right to the edge, Emma moved closer to the bed and my husband rested on one arm and reached over sliding a finger in Emma while she stood there with her hips thrust forward holding her lips open, I reached over and pulled his hand away and he took the hint, Emma leaned on the bed and had one hand between her legs and one holding her up on the bed as she leaned over and watched him slide in and out of me, She started to whisper “Faster…A little faster…Yeah like that” and then I started to come, Emma said “Now hard, F*** her hard…harder, Deeper” and I came, yeah, not a squirter but flooded, came so hard and when I looked my husband was holding one of Emmas b**** rolling her nipple and Emma started to moan and I was going to pull his hand away but I watched as she put her fingers on top of his and made him squeeze her nipple, she moaned “duh, f***…yes, Yes, yes AAAAHHHH” and her legs started to shake, I was coming down, Emma was mid O and my husband pulled out. Emma said “yes, f*** yes” and switched hands, Shoved two fingers in my husbands mouth and he sucked them, I was about to pull her hand away and my husband came, shot his load up my body and hit my chin, I put my hands under my chin to block it and he came all over my hands, When I was safe I looked down and he was still sucking Emmas fingers and she was stroking his c***.
I pulled her fingers out of his mouth and just laid back in post coital land as she stroked him, I glanced a couple times and just made sure they were not doing anything more and then when Emma took her hand away she looked at all the come on it and my husband reached over, Grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her hand to her mouth, She sucked one finger, Made a scrunchy face and then wiped her hand on her b****. When everyone was post coital Emma grabbed her shirt and left, I passed out and when I woke up I could hear Emma crying then heard the camper door close and looked over at my husband. He was standing there looking upset and I said “What…What happened?”, He looked down and I said “No, Please don’t even”, He said he woke up and Emma was topless and sucking him off, He said was right there and held her b**** and came and she swallowed and then went back to the bedroom, He heard her crying and was going to go talk to her but she just left, I heard a car door then heard her car start and leave…Hastily.
My husband and I had a big talk, Huge, heavy and very serious about what had to happen, the big D was discussed…Divorce not the other one and then after some time passed and I had time to think more clearly I apologized for that, We packed up and headed home which was probably for the best because the next few days or week were not good, It took a week and a half before Emma showed up at our door, I had been texting her constantly telling her we needed to talk and she finally showed up bawling. She is having more issues dealing with it than anyone feeling like she ruined our marriage but I don’t think she did, It was a huge f*** up but I hope and I truly do think we can move past it and continue to be together, I obviously have many issues with this whole thing but I love my husband, my life and our family enough to get through this.

Oct 7, 2020

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  • Wow!

    That made me sooo WET! You should invite Emma for a weekend. Have some wine and allow Emma to do what ever she wants with your hubby. I share Jim with my neighbor and best friend.

    I also know that Jim and my 1/2 sister have been f****** each other since before we got married 24 years ago.

    The fact is your married. He loves you. He is hung. Let him have fun. There is nothing more arrousing Than watching your hubby fick another woman’s brains out.

  • Wow... That is quite some experience! Sexy as h***, erotic, yet considering the aftermath perhaps not as pleasant as I would think it would be.. why not enjoy and cherish what the three of you have experienced and maybe laugh it off? And, as it happened in the heat of the moment, why not allow both your husband and Emma to have their sexy fun? It's not that he or she did anything secretly, it was pure pleasure. And be honest: it seems that you enjoyed it too. His hard c*** and love for you, Emma's super excitement, your amazing o******... Just talk with her and your husband, and maybe you could invite her for a night ;-)

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