America is only known for diversity and president trump is eliminating that very well. I'm unsure what America would be known as afterwards.
"We The People" is what keeping America together not the president.

He'll never understand. Whatever!

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  • If America was all white it sure would make me happy.

  • Trump is a dickwad. Always was. Always will be. He's ruined this country and he's making it worse every day. He needs to get impeached.

  • Do you mean he's making this country worse by the fact that the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in years, or the stock market is the highest it has ever been, or the fact that he's cutting bullshit government spending at the same time creating tax breaks for the middle-class. Or the fact that he's working for free and donating his salary to charity.

    You should really stop eating up all the bullshit the left is spewing.

  • Hi from the future! We're living through a global pandemic, which has regularly killed thousands of people every DAY. Wanna know what your Great "Leader" is doing? The exact same thing he's always done-- not give two $hits about the people and twisting every pressy into a self-aggrandizing speech and/or whining like a little girl about anyone who dares to question him.

    You know his BFFs, Faux "News" and Twitter? Several times now even THEY have said "whoa, this guy is off the rails". And guess what your orange boy does? He has a CONNIPTION!! That's where his priorities lie... not on the rampaging disease tearing through the country and the world, not on the day-to-day running of the country... but having tantrums because somebody was "mean" (aka had one foot in reality).

    It cracks me up whenever one of you mental infants cries about "the left", because anything and everything you accuse them of, your side does at least three times as hard/loud/dirty.

    Mentally defective people used to be put down. Luckily for you and for Trump, that hasn't been reinstated. Yet.

  • The USA helps immigrants more than you will ever know. They also give more aid to more countries around the world than any other country. Yes Trump cares about the American people more than foreign people, sorry but that is his job, he is the president of the USA, he should care more about his own people. If you don't like it, you don't have to come here.

  • The thing is Trump is still living in the past. America's past! The day diversity is ended in the U.S, the America's economy will be go down to its base. That will result in less power and money. It is that simple. By the way I'm already living here, but that's only an option. Hopefully when I get the chance I'll apply for the citizenship somewhere else. I hope Michelle Obama wins the 2020 and brings happiness back to the U.S again. Trump can be president as much as he wants, but if he's not distributing happiness in people then he'll end up with nothing. He's not even considering American people his business. I don't know what were representatives were thinking. When Trump never even won from votes from Americans. He literally won the election through electoral votes. If he doesn't care about diversity then why should be receiving support from other countries? They all are part of diversity. Aren't they?

    - Writer

  • You talk about diversity, yet you support Obama who supported Black Lives Matter one of the most racial hate groups ever created.

  • You forget to mention the Ku Klux Klan, you dumbass! They were and are the most racist group ever in the USA! Damn, I'm not even an American and even I know more than you!

  • Wow dumbass, obviously you can't read very well. I said "ONE of the most racial hate groups". BLM and KKK are just alike.
    Maybe you should worry about the problems in your own country instead of making stupid comments.

  • Isn't that the truth. I am sick of hearing about how I have "white privilege". What the f*** does that even mean? I have no parents, no money, no job, and No education. Please tell me where the h*** my white privilege is.

  • Seriously. My life has never gotten going properly, and I'm not just white but also intelligent, drug-free and hardworking. All that together should mean I ought to be owning at least two huge houses and having my best life. But no, that's not going to happen, and because I'm white it's clearly all my fault. But if I were black and had all those advantages, I'd still be getting back pats and "aww, you poor repressed thing you". Black people have their own challenges, but I'm sick of hearing I have NONE based solely on the color of my skin.

  • First off the economy is doing better with Trump in the last year than it ever did with Obama in his 8 years. Or do you not look at the stock market? As for Trump winning by electoral vote, that is how the system works. It's so the little States have a voice instead of everything being decided by a couple big states like California and New York.
    And again, if you don't like living here than why don't you leave.
    Also, stop listening to the liberal news like CNN, MSN, and others. They are ran by family members of the Democrats and they don't tell the truth about Republicans. Do investigation on your own and maybe you will open your eyes.

  • There's many Countries that are diverse. But there's a difference between accepting and not accepting diversity. And the USA's history regarding that particular subject matter, has never been great. So don't blame Trump for that, the USA has a long history of unacceptable, cruel and torturous actions to those deemed different. Good luck with your ignorance.

  • I wasn't even asking for a trump support.

  • Shut up, you dumbass! You clearly don't understand anything!

  • Lol all of your negative responses make me laugh. Lol

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