To all the American men

You are rapist. If i was a single woman, i will kill all men in america. im sick and tired of men in america thinking they are entitled to our blooming tulips. well my body belongs to me. not you. you get mad when the metoo movement get all in your butts. go beat your nuts in the woods or something. you actually think we need you, but we dont. move and stop being cry babies. im not hearing it one bit. stay away from women.



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  • Lol. Looks like someone clearly got hurt, but newsflash lady, not all men and definitely not all American men, are the same, and assuming so is completely sexist, but whatever

  • Which man broke your heart, it sounds like a personal problem.

  • Get a life or get laid

  • I don't need you or want you so go pound sand and cry somewhere else big baby.

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