At a crossroads .

Looking at what's been happening in U.S.A . over the last 8 or 9 days , if white people give in to blacks , things will get very bad indeed . To say it bluntly , America will never be the same again . It won't be long before tumbleweeds roll along the length of Wall Street . If blacks get any control away from white people then America will become another Zimbabwe .

Next Confession

Is it normal?

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  • When they are going to learn that the name of this country is United States, not America. America is the continent.

  • Good. You white people need to feel the anguish of having all your ** taken and ruined 😆

  • That is why south africa is down the drain

  • It's so nice that "progress" apparently means screaming BLACK!!! WHITE!!! BLACK!!! WHITE!!! BLACK!!! WHITE!!! over and over again like a roomful of tired three year olds.

    This planet needs a Reset button.

  • The planet will be burned soon. Just wait on God

  • The virus ought to be a reset button but we can't even do THAT right

  • Chinese need to be nuked

  • Give the Natives back their land and ** off back to the Caucasus. Sliders. The Blacks will go back to their golden beaches with their oil, land wealth and resources that white people killed for. Oh wait, but blacks built the US, so technically (technically!) they can stay, but only if the Natives agree. After all, it is their land and they should decide.

  • And when you plan to give those stupid Indians that land back. Wait you shouldnt. They used to own black slaves. They even killed a black woman slave name Lucy for murdering the Indian master. F the chiefs and redskins

  • Nope. Whites conquered this land first and thus should have the final say on who can stay in America.

    -A minority

  • Whites did nothing. So stop telling take stories. And a read a book.

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