Red wine

I'm a good wife and have been married for 25yrs. A couple of years ago I was sucking and wanking my husband of, I had a glass of red wine he spanked in my mouth and the taste of the two combined was a a real treat.
I told hubby how good it was and he encountered me to w*** him into my wine.
Last week he cams home with their friend and we chatted, my glass was half empty and he said that needs topping up. He followed my into the kitchen and I wanked him off, I didn't realise that his friends were behind me watching. I was on my knees with my big saggy t*** out. He just said that needs further top ups and I turned around and they had their hand c*** out, so I pleasured them with my hand untill I had all their s**** in the glass and sat in the loving with my t*** out drinking my spunky wine..l
When they left he said next week I want you to f*** the. I have agreed and can't wait

Dec 28, 2017

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  • My wife drink many glass of italian red wine when f*** whit my best friend.

  • I lick Rioja with s**** and a good f***. Do you join in

  • Wow, does this work in white wine?
    My hubby as suggested a few time's that I should f*** other men but I have resisted. Your post has made me so h****, I want to emulate your experience. I have shown hi the post and he just bent me over and f***** me. He has now gone out to buy some wine. Thank you xx

  • My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for many years and it is truly a blessing. So much fun!

  • Would love to hear more about your f*** session with your husband after you showed him the post. Please email me if you can. 39 year old, hot, white, married male.

  • He came home with two bottles of wine and his best mate. He stripped me in front of him, poured a glass of wine and I wanked them off filling the glass with s****, it was lovely.
    After a short break they f***** me many times. My c*** was sore for two days but hubby kept f****** me.

  • Wish i was the guy who wud b f****** u tonight

  • You could be if your in the west Midlands UK x

  • You will enjoy it and what other experiences it produces. Hubby has gone to the pub to arrange my orgy for New years eve

  • Well what a new years eve. We went to the pub and came home with hubby's three friends, he got some drinks and I striped in front of then. I got them to wear condoms as they f***** me and I sucked their clocks. Just before midnight I emptied the contents of the condoms into a large glass of wine and toasted the new year.
    I then let them f*** me bare back. They left at 1am, hubby was still fully clothed he bent me over the dining table and f***** me roughly. Happy New Year x

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  • I'm a s*** not telepathic

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