My fiance hates,my 28 year old daughter

My boyfriend hates my daughter would not let her in the house it was freezing outside She is on drugs has been disrespectful but needs help. she told him her fingers and feet were numb from walking in the cold I was asleep and he never told me but she did later we are supposed to get married in 5 months I hate him for what he did and I don't want to marry him. any suggestions?

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  • I have been in this situation only with my fiance's brother being the addict. I turned him away at the door and my fiance flipped out that I wouldn't let her brother stay with us.I wasn't about to let this problem move into my house so I understand exactly how your fiance feels. Its your choice to stay with him or leave , honestly he will be better off with out you and your addict daughter. When my fiance packed her stuff life got much better quickly, not having to hear or deal with the drama caused by her brother stealing from their parents , getting into trouble or her having to go pick him up after he ods and was at the hospital. His addiction destroyed our relationship because she wouldn't accept the fact that he didn't want to get clean and would play on her emotions just like your daughter is doing to you. Good luck!

  • So what, I hate your 28 year old daughter. Everyone hates her.

  • Unless your daughter is clean and sober, he drew a hardline. You have to stop enabling your daughter. This isn't about choosing your fiance or your daughter. This is about when are you going to stop enabling the druggie? She will never get clean because she will never hit the bottom if you continue to rescue her. You should go to al anon and then get into some relationship therapy. No one doubts that you love and care for your daughter, but she's not going to get clean if you don't draw a hardline.

  • Hes a sick f***. Too leave a child like that in cold. I want to mee this boloke...

  • She is 28 , not a child at all!

  • She made the choices to be in that position. At 28 years old what ever she and mom are doing clearly isn't working.

  • ^Exactly. These aren't easy decisions. It's not like a parent wants to not help their child. But there is a line between enabling and helping. The daughter is 28 years old. She is an adult, but she's making very poor choices. Her fiance is doing what Mom should be doing, but can't or won't. She's going to bury her child because she's continuing to allow her daughter to get high. It's sad. As for the daughter.. there are shelters, all night cafes, flop houses, motels.. she probably already does a lot of things to make money - she knows how to survive, most junkies do. Mom needs help too.

  • I wouldn’t marry any man who would turn away your child in need (and by need I mean heat, food, clean clothes) not money. Do what you feel is right.

  • She is 28 year old druggie. Mom just how long are you going to be be a crutch and enable her behavior? My god daughter is 31 years old druggie that her mom is doing the same thing. Those people will use and abuse everyone around them. They are all thieves. I agree with your boyfriend. I wouldn't marry anyone that would bring that kind of baggage into it.

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