Italy games

My girlfriend’s dad has a place in Italy which we invited a bunch of really good friends to come and stay at for a week in July. It’s in a secluded spot in a very rural area, so there isn’t much to do but lounge around the pool. We made up a silly game on the first day to keep ourselves occupied, which involved spontaneous activities in pairs that would earn you points if you won. For example, each couple would do a relay race across the pool and whichever couple finished first won 20 points. We called it couple wars. But we agreed it would be boring if we were couple with our own boyfriends/girlfriends, so we mixed it up. I was with S, my girlfriend was with L and then there were two more couples, so 8 of us on total. It became a big thing after the first day. We’d done about 6 activities and my girlfriend and L were in the lead. It made me slightly jealous because it was almost as if she was on his team for the week rather than mine. It sounds silly, but little things she would say when they were boasting together about how they were the best team made me a bit angry inside. And because we spent all of our time in swimwear and the activities were quite physical, they’d spent a lot of time closer than i felt comfortable with. Mind you, we’d all done the same thing with our respective ‘team mates’ and frankly, I was loving the attention I was getting off S. My girlfriend is petite: great body but small. L who she was competing with is tall and toned. S also has a great body but has massive t*** and a curvy ass. There was a game where the boys had to carry the girls from one side of the garden to the other via a mini assault course. I carried S on my back. I was in my trunks and her in a bikini. Her arms wrapped around my chest and arms behind me holding her legs and basically her ass. L on the other than carried my girlfriend on his front with her legs wrapped his torso and her face looking at his. It looked like a s** position, especially as she went up and down as he ran with. There was a growing feeling of jealousy but also a weird, sexy vibe. On the second day me and the other boys went for a run after breakfast for about an hour, and when we got back, the girls were lying topless on the sun beds. I’d never seen my gf get her t*** out like that before, but I was too busy trying not to stare at the other girls to really pay much attention. L announced that they should get 30 extra points because they were the couple with the best bodies. I was getting more and more jealous. Things came to a head though that night after dinner. One of the other couples suggested a new challenge: each couple has 15 mins to write and record a fake p**** on their phone and come back to show it to the group. We were drunk and being very silly so we all just went for it. S took me into their bedroom and we did this stupid role play where I was the pizza delivery guy. We captured a scene where I was behind her pretending to hump her. The thing was actually really sexy. We’d been friends for a long time and were very comfortable around each other. But taking my top off in her bedroom and presenting to f*** her while she bent over made me really h****! 15 mins was quickly up and raced into the other room to watch them. One was like a comedy or a farce. One was pretty bad: it was clear that they were very uncomfortable. Ours looked like it was going to be the winner. But then we watched L and my girlfriend. It started off with a weak story but then all of a sudden my gf took off her top. She’d been topless that day but being alone with L in my bedroom and getting topless was way over the line. But then she got to her knees. Got his c*** out and sucked him off until he came all over her t***. S (L’s girlfriend at the time) was furious, and slapped him and walked out. I was shell shocked. All of our friends has just seen my half naked gf suck off one of my best mates. I stormed off into our room. She followed shouting my name. And for reasons I can’t really explain, when she walked into the room, rather than shouting at her I threw her to the bed and we had crazy passionate s**. We’re still together. S and L broke up that night. And I still w*** about what I saw that night whenever I get the chance.

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  • S & L are healthy in their brain. you and your gf are sick.

  • My gf and i was played a similar game of questions and answers with six of our friends but the lossing pair had to do a forfeit ever one had to change partners for the game and the one's that got the most questions wrong had to do a forfeit the game went on for over an hour and we then total up each pair score to see who had the lowest score. it turned out to be my gf and my best mate. the forfeit was decided that they then had to strip off naked and run round the back garden. They were unsure at first but in the end they did undressed and did it and when they got back in doors they had to let the rest of us f*** them both, they were not to sure at first but in the end both striped off and began to run round the garden and by the time they got back we had striped off and were all stark bollick naked and had changed partners ready to begin to f*** them both. the the boys lined ready to f*** my gf Mary and the girls were ready to f*** Tom. Well after we all took turn to f*** then both it then turn into a real s** orgy and we were f****** each other all night long i must have f*** all the girl in the end and my gf Mary was screwed so many times there was s**** running down her thighs , i think most of my mates must had her several time and their are talking about doing it again soon but with out playing games.

  • I'd let her do it again, but have them let me watch.

  • Sounds all pretty high school to me

  • ^totally true^

  • Did she let you keep the video?

  • Hot! Thanks for sharing.

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