My Wife’s Best Friend

Last year my wife and I went on a vacation with another couple who happened to be our best friend’s. We vacation a lot with them so all of us are really comfortable around each other. Nothing all that sexual had ever really happened except a few times where the four of us went skinny-dipping. It was relatively tame and always led to some pretty good s** for my wife and I when we got back to our room. I think it was just a pleasant boost to our s** lives.

On this trip we had rented a house with two bedrooms, a pool and hot tub. One night we all drank a little too much and ended up skinny-dipping again. No big deal. My wife and I went back to the room, had some great s** and fell right to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache and needed an aspirin. I was naked but assumed I’d be fine going to the bathroom for my aspirin and then the kitchen for water. There I was naked as could be when my wife’s friend Jill came out of her room. She was wearing just a tank top (clearly no bra) and a pair of boy shorts.

Both of us were uncomfortable, but we’d both seen each other in various forms of undress before. We chatted casually (and quietly) in the kitchen, but I could feel my c*** was growing. After all, I’m standing there naked with my wife’s best friend wearing barely anything.

Everything seemed so fuzzy, but before I know it Jill is casually giving me a handjob. Her nipples were pressing against her shirt. I knew I should stop it, but I couldn’t. She went on about how her husband passed out the minute they got in their room earlier.

I wasn’t thinking straight and next thing I know Jill is bent over the center island and I’m f****** my best friend’s wife while my wife and her husband are asleep in other rooms. It didn’t last long, but I filled up her p**** with my c**, we shared a passionate kiss and went back to our rooms/spouses.

Things weren’t awkward the next day or the rest of the trip, but when we got home from vacation she started texting me and the texting soon turned sexual. It’s now been three months since that trip and we’ve f***** at least a dozen times since. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but I can’t stop. Neither can she. In the meantime, even when we’re not f****** I’m jerking off to her thinking about it.

I still love my wife and our family, but I feel like this thing is spiraling out of control and it’s only a matter of time before we’re caught. Every time I say I’m going to stop I get more h**** and need her again. What do I do?

(I’ve learned her marriage wasn’t as rosy-colored as they led on to with my wife and I....and I don’t think she has the same remorse that I do.)

Apr 6, 2020

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  • It happened to me. We went camping with another married couple we clicked with. Exchanging partners was the men's goal. We both brought tents but their tent is HUGE so we only set up theirs. We have dinner, start playing cards... Things are just warming up when my husband suddenly gets super sleepy and insists he turn in. We aren't happy but we turn in with him.

    The separating wall isn't zipped so the four of us change in the dark. After a while we can hear them quietly having s**, so we start to do the same. He comes fast. I'm both embarrassed and proud of how long my husband lasts. I didn't get mine and was still frustrated when the there was audibly sleeping. I couldn't sleep so I got up to cool off.

    I'm just cooling off at the picnic table when the husband joins me. He looks dressed so I feel uncomfortable in just my teddy. I admit I thought he was sleeping as I heard snoring. He says it's his wife snoring and talks of how off the night turned out. I agree. He said we didn't even make it to strip poker. I admit we were looking forward to swapping. He admits he tends to freak out with jealousy easily so we might have dodged drama. He doesn't share well with others.

    He suggests we walk along the lake but I'm not dressed for that. He said no problem, We'll both go nude. I know if I agree we'll end up having s**, but that is why we came, so I agree. We didn't get very far before we got busy. Again he didn't last at all. I've never had any guy finish so fast. It still felt good but geez, I felt gipped.

    The next morning I was the first up. I barely was out of the bathroom before he was on me for more. I wasn't in the mood but he was nearly frantic for another go. I wasn't feeling it but I eventually relented. Again he didn't last long.

    I'm pretty sure he drugged his wife and my husband so he could have me to himself. I never told anyone but I'm glad we stopped being friends.

  • One night our friends came over to spend the night. Our friends husband wanted a hair cut so my wife said she would do it in the kitchen about ten minutes later I walked into the kitchen and found my wife cutting his hair in the nude. I went back in the living room and told my wife's best friend what was going on. She said I have got to see this. When she returned she motioned for me to come to the couch and sit next to her, we began to kiss not long after that she went into the spare room and called me in. There she stood naked, beautiful t*** and a shaved p****. I threw her onto the bed and started to suck those big t***, she began to rub my c*** through my shorts I was already hard as a rock, she said I want you inside of me. Now mind you my wife was about twenty feet from us. I moved down to her dripping c*** I spread that p**** open and began to flick her c*** in about 30 seconds she had such an intense o***** she covered my face in girl c** she then begged me to f*** her I was to afraid my wife would come in again she told me to f*** her, I said I can't. She was very frustrated so she pulled out my nine inch c*** and began to suck it. Much to my suprise she was able to deepthroat my c*** right down to my b**** that took about three minutes, never in my life have I ever c** that much, she swallowed it all not missing a drop I thought that was a pretty good swap for a nude hair cut. Since then I can't stop f****** her every chance I get. I'm trying to get my wife to swap with them no luck so far.

  • Women need to realize that getting hard isn’t consent.

  • Don't tell anyone. Just keep her as a sidekick. An extra p**** is always welcome. While you can, f*** her hard and often. Meanwhile, see if your wife is open to a threesome!! You never know. Women have all sorts of kinks. It might work. You are one lucky guy. Many would die to have an extra c*** to pound. Enjoy her while you can!!!

  • I've tried numerous times to suggest a threesome but my wife does not know I'm f****** her friend, I think I'm going to have the other women suggest a threesome maybe that will work. I really want my wife to see her friend deepthroat my nine inch p****.

  • Go slow. Ask your wife is she would be open to an open relationship. Your relationship with Jill doesn't have to mean the end of your marriage.

  • I’ve thought about that, but I’m struggling with how to broach the subject. And believe it or not, my wife and I have talked in the past about exploring the lifestyle. That’s where it’s always ended, though. It seems as though the fantasy of it is hot, but the reality is really just a fantasy.

    Right now I feel like I’m in too deep. I’m worried that soon our cover is going to be blown, and I also worry that Jill wouldn’t care because I could see her leaving her husband anyway. I also worry she might be falling for me, but I could be wrong.

  • At this point you really need to make the decision - do you want to stay with your wife or do you want to be with Jill? If Jill is just a bit of fun for you then you need to cut it off before she gets too deep. If you suspect that she is falling for you she likely is. It’s not hard to see why - you’ve been giving her best friend everything that she wants for years and she wants that too. She’s ultimately jealous of your and your wife’s marriage. Her affection for you may be purely symptomatic of the state of her marriage - you’re paying her attention when she’s not getting it at home.
    In relation to trying to kick start the open relationship arrangement, it’s high stakes. Even if you could pull it off, how will your wife react to that inevitable moment when you suggest her best friend? And even if you manage to fabricate an evening where Jill comes round and one thing leads to another... I can’t imagine it’ll be too hard for your wife to see that it’s not the first time you and Jill have been together.
    Whatever you decide, hope it works out - sounds like it’s starting to eat you up so the sooner you can get out of that position the better.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Shortly after my last post (and just before yours) I made the decision to cut things off with Jill. I just explained to her that I love my wife and while what we had was fun, I couldn’t continue. She actually agreed. It probably helps that we haven’t been able to see each other in three weeks with everything going on, which has allowed me to reconnect with my wife.

    Thanks for the advice. I pretty much knew I had to do what you told me, it’s just nice to hear from someone else.

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