My friend spanked me! P1

So my friend and I have known each other seince we were born and our parents are bffs (Ima just tell you ppl we are 12 and every person I talk ab is female) our older sisters are like a couple weeks apart in age and I’m good friends w her older sister an she’s good friends w mine but we are the best of friends anyways so me my friend and her older sister play these games like playing house and her sister is the mom sometimes and so is she eveyonce in a while I am but yeah so me and my friend were her daughters in this and she was the mom and we were misbehaving in the game and usually other times we played she would say stop and stuff ya know but this time she said turn around and so not thinking anything of it we did and then she told me to go to her so I did she turned me around and spanked me then her sister it kinda hurt so we were like what are you doing she says you were bad I’m spanking u so I said but that kinda hurt she then pulled me and my friends pants and under wear down and started spanking us hard and fast we were struggling to get away but that just made her spank even harder then she stopped but told us not to move she started lecturing us and she said this is what happens if you misbehave and when you argue and when you try to get out of punishment her sister then said we were just doing a role play game and she says yes and my role was your mother so I dealt with you that was the first time she spanked us she said that in reel life or in games she will spank us for our misbehavior. That was not the last time she spanked us just the first. See I didn’t tell my mom bc it’s embarrassing and she said we could go ahead and tell but then she’d say we were cussing and stuff then we’d be in big trouble the next time she soanked us was way wise that will be part 2

Jan 3, 2018

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  • Hey what the h***

  • If your story and replies are true, two comments: Stop responding to whoever started by saying 'she' would spank you hard. "She" does not care about you. She's fishing.
    You don't say how hold your friend's sister is. If she is more than 14 or 15 be careful; don't play house with her. I suspect she enjoyed causing pain.

  • It sounds like a harmless spanking game. Does getting spanked excite you? Your friend's sister certainly seems to enjoy baring your bottoms.

  • Sounds like it...

  • Are you there baby girl...

  • If yous were my children. Youus would not be sitting for a week and each off yous would be nurseing very red and sore bare bottoms....

  • I’ve never been spanked by my parents just by her but idk if I realllly deserve to be spanked by my parents but why would you spank us we were already spanked by her that’s what I’m not understanding well like damn

  • Are you there sweetheart.

  • Yes

  • Are you answering me princess...

  • Do you want too talk princess...

  • You watch your attitude little girl. Your panties would be off you in a flash and you would be one well spanked little girl...

  • Why though

  • You there my princess and i just thought you were starting too have a little attitude and thats something we wont tolerate princess from our daughters and it would certainley earn you a trip over my husbands or my knee for a good panties down spanked bum sweetheart. Like our girls also princess you would be sent too go get hairbrush or wooden spoon after your hand spanking princess and rescive a good smacking with either spoon.or hairbrush and finished off with your naughtie bottom put in lounge on display and too think about your behaviour and actions sweetheart. But also like our own girls princess we would allways hugg you after your time in lounge and you would know like our other girls that we love you princess. But bad behaviour will mot be tolarrated sweetheart and hugg too you my little doll...

  • Because sweetie you seem too have little attitude. Did you say your only twelve princess.?

  • Are you there. I would roast your bare little bottoms...

  • Are you boys or girls..

  • Girls

  • I hope you get this message sweetie. But yes if you were my daughter and acted up like our girls do at times. Myself or my hubsand would most certainley take down your little panties and tann your backside sweetheart..

  • I agree I would take your panties down and put you over my knee and spank you lots

  • My parents have never really spanked us because around them we try to be good it’s just around others

  • You there sweetheart.

  • Yeah

  • Can you talk princess...

  • You there sweetie..

  • Well sweetie. You would have your panties taken off if you were my little girl and my husband or i would give you a proper spanking with time out in lounge in corner with your red naughtie bottom on display..

  • I think that’s called child abuse but I’m not really sure

  • Drop that attitude now princess...

  • Umm I’m going to stop responding now because though i am just 12 I do know that strange people on the internet calling me princess is a bit creepy especially to a kid sooo yeah

  • Its ok and just wanted too talk with you a little and your parents never call you sweetie. My husband and i call our girls sweetie, hun, darling and lots off names. Did not mean too scare you so and sorry and hugs from a mommy xxxx

  • My parents have never really spanked me either just a few seats on fully clothed to really scare not to actually cause pain so I’ve never been spanked accept like I said above and I know I said there were other times but it was really just once I said others because she has spanked her sister other times so I guess I lied but yeah I’ve really never been spanked I suppose but honestly I probably should be😶🙁 bc my dad threatens me with it sort of often and I “argue” with them and “show attitude” idek what that’s supposed to mean but oh well. Anyway idk I probably should be spanked the way you said with RED buts at the end where it hurts because I also curse a lot at school I don’t really know if all these things are spanking type but you can tell me then. But idk how to get the spanking I probs need with out like doing it myself idk but yeah I suppose I can say stuff on here to u so long as I don’t tell u my name and where I live and stuff so yeah idk

  • I hope your ok princess. Our girls are just finishing getting ready for school. Love from mommy who cares xxxxx

  • You ok sweetie...

  • Are you their sweetie and are you ok. Love from a mommy who cares xxxxx

  • Your right not too give too much imformation too strangers sweetie. Such as you said name and were you live. We have three daughters sweetie and off none off them like too be spanked by myself or husband as part off discipline sweetie. But there are times when they ask us too spank them instead off grounding, early bedtime or loss off privliges sweetie. Thank you for being so honest princess and saying you beleave sometimes you should have your bottom smacked. For some off the things you told me princess. Yes you most certainley would have your bum spanked like each off our girls. I have talked too friends off mine sweetie and other parents with boys and girls younger and older than you and suggested spanking as part off discipline sweetie and only if you like princess. We can maybe talk here and suggest how you can ask your mommy and daddy too use spanking as part off your discipline. Love you sweetheart. From a mommy who cares and huggs xxxxx

  • Well no my parents do call me that I guess it’s just I was taught that you shoulder trust people on the Internet and stuff like meeting people on line and things because they could be potentially lying about what they say they are so yeah. I am 12 yes that was correct

  • You ok princess...

  • Are you there princess. Were all heading out now for a meal sweetheart. I hope your well princess. Love from mommy here who cares. Hugs and xxxxx princess...

  • You ok princess and hope your well. Im just back from mall princess and have few more errands too do sweetheart. Hope you get back when you can and do you play any sports or have any hobbies like our girls princess. Love and hugs from a mommy who cares xxxxx

  • I hope your ok princess. I think you would like our daughters. They each play sports and do diffrent activities princess. ? Do you play any sports or anything princess. We had an bit off trouble with our youngest and eldest before bedtime yesterday and was a bit off a crazy evening in our home. Im going in soon too call our little angels for school sweetie. But hope you are well my little princess and hugs from a mommy who cares xxxxx

  • If there is a part 2 kindly use more than 1 period and paragraphs

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