A big change.

15 years ago my wife and her best friend went to Vegas for a weekend, Long story short my wife and her friend got carried away and my wife came home and admitted that she had been involved in an F-ed up situation that could have been the end of our relationship but instead created a situation where we were able to sit down and evaluate what had happened and how we could move forward.
So as i said my wife and her friend went to Vegas, My wife and i had only been married two years and were thinking about starting our family, We had been discussing her going off the pill and maybe she kind of freaked out or maybe it was just drunken stupidity but either way i think it turned out great. My wife and her friend returned from their trip and for the entire day, From the time i picked them up at the airport my wife seemed off, I thought it was maybe just a hangover but i had never seen her like that before. We crawled into bed that night and when we started messing around she pulled back and broke down crying saying she had to tell me something.
Of course my mind went straight to cheating but it turned out to be more than just that, I sat up and looked at her not saying a word as she started to explain herself. She began to tell me that on the last of two nights there she and her friend were at a bar and had a couple guys buying them drinks and flirting with them which is no big deal but with her friend being single at the time she had decided to take one of them back to the room. They had made an arrangement for my wife to give her 1 hour before she would return to the room which she did but when she walked in apparently her friend and the guy were still in the middle of getting it on, Back in the day my wife was no stranger to a little bit of lets say recreational use of you know what.
Well as it turned out they had both taken X if you know what that is and my wife explained that she had already planned on going back to the room and taking a shower to scratch an itch. I told her i wanted a complete break down of the events that took place, Every detail and as she told me the story she said her mind was still a bit fuzzy but claimed she told me everything. So she walks into the room and her friend had the guy sitting at the foot of the bed and she was on her knees giving him head, My wife claimed she stopped and apologized and was going to leave but for whatever reason she didn't, She didn't know whether it was the fact that she was overly drunk or that the pill she had taken clouded her judgement but she told me she stepped in and closed the door telling her friend she was going to go shower but instead went to the bathroom, Stripped down and pulled on just a t-shirt then went back out and crawled into her bed which being they had a double room put her right beside her friend and this guy who were now on the bed making out. She told me they didn't even notice her at first as she laid there watching her friend who had her back to her with one leg over the guys waist and he was reaching down fingering her and things carried on until she rolled on top of him and that's when they noticed my wife who was watching and apparently working herself over but under the blankets.
My wife said that at that point her friend stopped and looked at her asking if my wife would prefer them to go to the bathroom and she replied no, She told me her friend wasted no time hopping on while she laid in her bed and watched, She said she lost track of some things but she ended up on her back, Her t-shirt on the floor and her covers kicked off while she watched her friend get pounded doggy. Back in those days she had a body that drove me crazy every time i seen her in anything skimpy, My wife back then had a slim build with Small B-cups. Her friend is about three inches taller with a slightly thicker build but has always had a nice round booty and humongous DDD-cup b****, My wife is fair skinned with light pink nips and her friend is slightly darker skinned with big, dark brown nips.
Over the years both girls have fluctuated a bit in weight and build but both still resemble the way they looked back then, Anyway...My wife continued with her story and told me she couldn't get off and got frustrated working on herself and stood up, Walked over to her friend and this guy then started kissing him, She started to shy away from the details but i persisted and she filled me in on how she stood there kissing him, Rubbing herself while he grabbed her bum and sucked on her nips. Along the way she ended up crawling in bed with them and after repeated attempts by him to get with her and her telling him no that they ended up with her on her back, Her friend laying half on top of her working back and forth while sucking and playing with each others b**** which floored me because that is not something she ever gave me any indication she would be into but anyway her friend had one leg between hers with the guy in her from behind as he leaned over her sucking my wife's nips and fingering my wife. the whole thing was a bit overwhelming and upsetting but arousing at the same time, She told me she and her friend both got off within seconds of each other and her friend flopped down half on her and half on the bed, he kept going for a minute with my wife's leg between her friends and his which she claimed was basically stuck but she laid there post coital letting him grope them both until he pulled out and shot his load on her friends bum, back and across my wife's stomach and b****, According to her she got angry and got up saying "No, No, No, Not F*@cking cool dude" and went to shower.
From what she told me her friend got the guy dressed and showed him the door and when she got out her friend showered, Apparently they talked and she told her friend she had to tell me and her friend agreed which was a good thing she agreed. I had mixed feelings and slept on the couch that night and obviously it was the only thought on my mind for the next week, My wife for some reason thought that if she put out it would fix everything and she honestly did try to get me to.
After a week of talking and me sleeping on the couch i came home after work on that friday to my wife and her friend sitting on the couch, I walked in and both were sitting on the couch in shorts and t-shirts with no bras which was very obvious on her friend and each had a drink in their hand, My wife stood up and said "Don't say a word" taking me by the hand and leading me to the bedroom with her friend following. They both ravaged me and needless to say i didn't last long the first round but we ended up staying in bed until almost noon the next day and by the time we finally got out of bed i had nailed each of them multiple times.
Since then she has been a pretty steady part of our love life with the exception of the one year of dating and two years she was married before her ex left her for another one of their friends which immediately brought her back to our bed and over the years the two of them have gotten to the point where they even hook up sometimes while i am out of town if i have to go away for work or play which isn't too often but does happen, Now 15 years later and 3 kids for us and 2 for her she came to us to talk, She wants to start dating a guy from her work but wanted to talk to us first.
We have had many discussions and we know they have done stuff, She also told us they role play about (What if) with my wife and he is VERY interested in that, She says she doesn't want to stop what we do since she did with her ex and claims she always felt something was missing but wants to date him more steady and instead would like to bring him into our lives.
He is coming over Saturday for supper and maybe with any luck a "Sleep over"


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  • 15 years ago your wife got pounded by another dude. She lied to you and felt guilty about being pounded and having a 3 some. That is why she let you have a 3 some with her and her friend. Now that was 15 years ago so thats the past, I've been cheated on and it angers me when I find out about things like this but like I mentioned that was in the past. Good luck to you.

  • You might be inventing issues. Will this guy be more aroused by your wife than the other woman?

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