Weird dreams

Every once in a while (and more commonly lately) I have dreams where I turn into a monster or a giant wolf or something unspecified and I hunt down and eat various people that I know. I never see my parents or my girlfriend in these dreams but it's always my friends or teachers that I kill and eat. During the dreams I remember feeling an adrenaline rush and euphoria when chasing and catching people and my heart is pounding when I wake up from these dreams.

The thing is, I never have and still don't feel any discomfort or negative emotions in regards to these dreams, but I feel like that is the kind of thing that I should feel weird about. I mean, these dreams are quite graphic, bones breaking and all that, but I don't feel anything other than a rush of adrenaline or having a bunch of energy after waking up.

Jan 17, 2018

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  • The great likelihood is that the dreams mean nothing in terms of your waking, rational life, but I would suggest that you speak with a professional about it, a therapist, counselor or psychologist. The only concern (again, a very unlikely outcome) is that you might be harboring some kind of deep anger or urge to extract revenge, something that you could act out without feeling any regret about it. Put your mind at ease and talk to somebody who deals with these things, not us numbskulls here. Best wishes.

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