I frequently have disturbing dreams

As the title says, this is about sort of nightmares. I've had them so often and for so long that they aren't nightmares anymore as they don't scare me, some have what others might find disturbing so just a warning, but they're just part of life for me now.

A dream that I have on a regular basis is when I turn into a monster (usually a giant wolf) and chase down various friends through a snowy pine forest and eat them. They usually scream quite a lot and it is very graphic and realistic when I'm having them. In the dream I'm not repulsed by this, on the contrary, chasing people down and killing them gives me a sense of adrenaline and strength that I remember quite vividly after waking up. My girlfriend (who sleeps beside me) always says that I move around and make weird noises on the nights that I have those dreams. Weirdly, I always feel quite h**** and not quite myself in the mornings after those dreams and my girlfriend has to remind me not to be too rough.

What I find the most weird though, is that this kind of thing happens to me, I have these quite frankly horrific dreams with blood and gore and literally eating alive my screaming friends, and then I just get up and have a normal day and laugh and joke around with them. I'm sure that if any of them knew, they would be a lot less friendly.

Feb 8, 2018

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  • I want to have dreams like that, only the people I eat would be morons. Not only would it be a rush like you describe, but I'd be doing that world a favor

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