In love with older woman

I had a bad relationship and finally broke up. New beginning, new ideas. I saw one older woman who worked as a cleaner in one restaurant. She lived some 10 kilometers away from me and I could often see her going to work on a bicycle or using public transport. She had a shy, calm personality and was from a humble background. In other words, she was poor, single, never married and had just enough to meet basic necessities. I was in a lot better finnancial situation, but far from rich.To be honest, she wasn't some good looking, I would say 3/10, but had an OK (average) body.

What attracted me towards her? Well, I have a pantyhose fetish and she wore them all the time, even during summer. Pantyhose combined with shy and calm personality and below average looks made me crazy about her. I couldn't stop thinking about her. The thing is that I immagined her wearing sexy shiny pantyhose, while in reality she had matte ones ("grandma's") which I don't really like. I masturbated on her like crazy and wasn't really interested in any other girls or women except her. I cannot explain why did it happen but it happened totally unexpectedly. I made a few moves and asked her out for a coffee. Eventually we developed a solid relationship. She was 49 and I was 28 at the time. I told her about my pantyhose fetish and started buying her super shiny pantyhose like Cecillia de Rafael Vidrio 15 den. I enjoy massaging, smelling, kissing and licking her nylon feet as well as kissing, licking and smelling her nylon legs and p****. That's my daily routine. We have regular s**, sometimes twice or three times a day.

She developed a little stronger personality (because I asked her to) and started forcing me to shave legs and wear her smelly pantyhose. I didn't like the idea in the beginning but now I couldn't be happier. The cycle goes like this - she wears pantyhose for three straight days and then I wear exactly the same pair three more days after which they are either washed or thrown away, depending on their condition. After three days her pantyhose definitely develop a smell and I love it. I love her more than anything and plan to marry her.



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  • My landlady keeps leaving her black corselette with 6 suspenders, dirty black silk directoire knickers and seamed stockings in our communal bathroom when she goes to bed at night. It is so tempting!

  • Sounds like me

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