I got seduced

Last night my room mate and i went out clubbing and after coming home we crawled into bed, I was h**** so i got naked and crawled into bed, I had my Toy and was getting going a bit, I had the covers down to my waist and was laying there with my feet together and my knees spread wide when my door opened. I was really into it and it took me a second to stop but with my toy under the covers i couldn't shut the damned thing off.
My room mate just walked right up and sat on my bed but when she did she sat on my covers and i couldn't pull them up, She looked at me and whispered "I knew you were going to", I giggled and said "What are you doing?", She reached over and cupped my left breast massaging it a bit then i looked at her and she started rolling my nip in her fingers, I looked at her again and said "Um...I don't" and she leaned in kissing me on the lips, I have never been with a girl before but i started kissing her and before i knew it she took my toy out of my hand and turned it on, Smiled at me and pushed the covers down, She used one hand to spread my lips and then started working on me with my toy.
I was drunk and nervous and shy and h**** all at the same time and i don't even really remember what order things happened after that but i woke up this morning snuggled up to the first girl i have ever hooked up with and i think she may have made me rethink my sexuality.

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  • I had a similar experience a few years back but not getting walked in on, Just drunk messing around led to other stuff. My advice, don't rush into anything, I did and it ruined friendships and relationships which i am only now starting to rebuild but don't think they will ever go back to where they were.
    Let it just be something that happened and if it happens again then great but trust me, Bi is better than fully one way or the other ;)

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