Regretful to have regret

I occasionally kiss and playfully flirt with my friend. There's just something so dirty and God awfully lip licking about this. It's just so hot, he knows how to turn me on and makes me feel so sexually desirable. But I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for 11 months. He's amazing and beautiful, he's friends with my other friend but has no idea. When we're sober nothing happens, it's just when we're not that it goes downhill. No one knows, not even my closest friends. I don't like it but I don't dislike it. My boyfriend and I plan to marry in a couple of years and plan to make my friend one of my best man at my future wedding. He means no harm and I don't have intentions to ever leave my boyfriend or constantly flirt or f*** the other guy, it just happens when we're not sober. It makes me feel terrible but I do try to give my boyfriend the world he deserves, despite me being a piece of s***.



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  • I would hate to know I married someone as awful as you

  • Are you f****** them both?

  • The marriage is over before it even starts. I wonder why the divorce rate is so high? A true mystery it is.

  • Don't let the fling partner slip away from you. You should be doing both guys. Not simultaneously, of course, but you need to be lovers with both.

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