From bad to hearse.

So, there's this girl.

Not too long ago, we were good friends. Now, I'm avoiding her at all costs. I'm going to tell why, now. Brace yourselves.

So, last Friday (the fifth) I notice something; she's flirting with, I swear, every other guy. In science class? Oh my god. It was so bad. The whole, "help me with my homework while I gawk at you" thing was *so* obvious. In geometry? It got so worse. She was flirting with the ugliest kid in the room. It's not just his personality, either. I nearly gagged... She's a horrid at flirting. The day rolled on, but in English class, that's where it got to me.

I walk in, and she's parked right on top of my boyfriend's desk.
(He wasn't sitting at his desk just then, but the very thought... )

What the frick?! She knows he's my boyfriend! I got *really* upset at this point. I storm over, and she leaves the perimeter immediately. I was fuming... Ugh.

Over the weekend I talked to my friends and parents, and so I had this plan, which I put into action just this morning.

I ask her if I can have a word, and so I tell her how I felt about Friday, calmly and kindly. I said I felt very upset. She apologized, and said that she was just talking to the teacher (yeah, right). I thought it was a pretty sick excuse, and why she couldn't have been sitting on some *other* desk, or STANDING, god forbid. I let it rest, and continued with my day.

UNTIL... In Spanish, we were doing a clock-reading exercise, and I held up the clock for her to read. I rotated the clock while she tried to read it, jokingly. And she just blurts out,

"Hey! Hold it still! I forgave you this morning!"

Forgave me for what, you filthy worm? I was not at fault! I forgave YOU. Past tense. I'm not tolerating her anymore. I tried to be civil. I talked to her, and it was all good— for about one class period. But I must say, my current decision is to avoid her now. I'm not speaking to her anymore... Again.

So, there's your daily dose of teenage drama. Hope you like it (feh).

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