Exposing SIL.

On New years my SIL stayed at our place and had crashed on the couch, She is late 20's and has an average body but huge b******, They are big and soft with big nipples, I got up and found her on the couch in a muscle shirt and one of her huge b**** was on the verge of falling out so i just grabbed her shirt and tugged it a bit and it slipped right out.
I was standing there and looking at her huge t** when i heard a sound from downstairs, Two other couples of our friends had stayed over also so i sneaked back into bed quick watched the fun, First was one couple who she is not bad but basically completely flat chested, My wife has seen her naked and says she has zero b****, Just tiny little nips and seriously no b*** at all, She says they are barely even a bump on her chest. He seen it first and then his wife did, His wife stood and looked at her, He stood beside her and she made a motion like she was cupping a pair of big b**** and jiggling them, He covered his mouth and giggled then she reached over and grabbed his d*** through his sweats, He pulled away and she opened her mouth looking at him scornfully and when he turned it was obvious he had a b****.
Next couple were only about 15 minutes behind and walked right past without noticing, She is really cute and has small really saggy b**** from kids, My wife has also seen her and says they are basically flat with big areolas like two or three inches across and big nipples, She says her b**** would have been nice before kids but are completely deflated. I could see the whole thing as they walked into the kitchen and the two girls whispered back and forth for a second then the flat chested one led the other by the arm right up to my wife's little sister and pointed to her b***, she leaned back then looked at the flat chested one and mouthed "WOW" and then they walked away, She went over and whispered to her husband and he came over and took a look, His eyes got wide and he giggled quietly.
My sister in law is a shy person and normally wears outfit that hide her b**** rather than flaunt them but my wife gave her that shirt to wear to bed so that's what she wore, I decide to get up and went to the kitchen pretending not to notice her laying there, the flat chested girl leaned in and whispered "You should get your sister in law a blanket", I turned around and walked toward her then pretended to be surprised and too a look at her for about 10 seconds than came back to the kitchen and they were all giggling.
My wife got up next after we had all actually taken at least one more peek and she quickly covered her up, Her sister opened her eyes as she pulled the blankets up then fixed her b*** and rolled over, After everyone left my wife told her sister everyone seen her b*** and she was super embarrassed and looked at me saying "You too", I felt myself blush and nodded my head. I later asked why my wife told her and she said "I just thought she had the right to know"

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  • I saw my sister in laws b*** one time while she was asleep, Its always a nice memory to have. Didn't show her off though i actually covered her up but now that i read this i wish i would have done the same, It would have been my brother and her cousin though. Maybe a bit weird lol.

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