My mum

My mum is divorced. A few months after her divorce, I asked her if thre was anything she needed. I was surprised when she said, "Yes, I need a man between my legs." Since then she's been using me. She really is insatiable, and I love it.

Feb 16, 2018

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  • My names John. One month after my mother's divorce, I overheard her tell her best friend that she was already missing sexual pleasures, but could never trust another man after what my father had done to her.
    Her friend said, "Why don't you use John? He's 13, and his little rod should more than satisfy you. I use my son Robert. He's the same age as John, and he great repeater - up to five times or more a night."
    Mum replied, "Do you really think he would? I'm tired of shoving my three fingers in and out of my puss. I desperately need the real thing."
    That night, mum came naked to my room. Without saying a word, she got into bed and tongue-kissed me before lowering her head to my member. When it was stiff enough she straddled me and rode me hard. We both cummed before she finished. After that, we've always shared the same bed together.
    Mum had been told she couldn't have more children after I was born. However, when I was 14 we had a beautiful, healthy baby daughter. Starting when she was 4 months old, I used to dip my glans in condensed milk and let the kid suck on it as I rubbed myself until I spent in her pretty mouth. Mum would finger herself off watching me with her. After I'd finished, mum would get me hard again so that I could give her the satisfaction she needed - and that meant having to plough her love-passage at least 3 times before drifting off to sleep.
    I'm 24 now, and my 10-year-old daughter plays a full part in our sexual activities. We're a very happy family.

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