The Jehovah Witnesses keep prayer out of school

When I was growing up we were asked to recite the Lords Prayer every morning. Along come the Jehovah Witnesses and they leave the room. They do this because they feel that since their religion is the one and only true face on the planet earth they don't want to hear the prayer of another Christian sect.

In other words, they created a scene. In addition to being parasitic, they are troublemakers. They contribute nothing to society. They do not serve in the military in any capacity and most of them never see the inside of a college.

I knew a guy whose wife joined this cult and when he refused to join with her he overheard them say "we'll have to get rid of him" in other words, they break up someone's marriage to get new members. He sued them for alienation of affections and won the lawsuit.

I guess I'd stop short of exterminating them like Hitler tried to do because I'm civilized but damn it makes me sick to my stomach when they come to my door.

Do not join this cult.

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  • This is the same for Mormons, Scientologists, and if it's 'making a scene' that you detest, then it should also go for Christians for not letting certain people marry based on a book written hundreds of years ago.

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