Jehovah Witnesses quit using chat rooms in part because of me

I'd go to Jehovahs Witness chat and argue with them about blood transfusion and other nonsense beliefs of theirs. I'd go into JW youth chat and tell them to leave that piece of s*** religion before they got too brainwashed. I'd get cussed out and threatened but I was persistent. Finally, after they reported me to The Watchtower they quit the yahoo chat and the Excite chat. The also quit using Paltalk.

One day a Jewish Rabbi was discussing blood transfusions with them and prior to becoming a Rabbi he had been a surgeon. The Rabbi had seen many JW'S die because they refused to take a blood transfusion and he was on them about it.

I tried to back him up but he was so smart he really didn't need me. Jehovah Witnesses either believe or at one time believed that if you take blood into your body you develop characteristics of the person or animal you consumed. For instance, the ancients believed that if you drank bull blood you became strong like a bull. Well, the JW'S took it to a different level saying if you were given a transfusion of gay blood you became gay yourself.

That's all horseshit of course but that's what the JW'S believe or believed. In other words, they are idiots.

I don't care if some adult JW dies from the lack of a transfusion but it p***** me off that their children have to die because of this absurd unscientific belief.

JW'S break up families and overall do their best to make an Ex JW'S life miserable through shunning and such. Many people stay in this cult because they don't want to lose their family.

In an earlier post, I said that an ex JW sounds like a refugee and that's true. My Uncle left this cult as did a friend of mine. Had they not married and had a family of their own after they left the JW'S they would be all alone in the world.

Jehovah Witnesses contribute far less to society than say the Jewish people or the Catholics. Look it up. It's on the net.

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  • You sound like youre just hating on one relgion nd picking them out. Almost all religion is the same and follows same guidelines, you should pick on them all. But to attack someone religion and life i dont think is very fair of you. Many many JW are good and great people, but if what they believe in helps them make it through the day why try to beat them down. Youre making JW out to be bad people when really they arent. Like they contriubte less no religion really contributes anything and JW do manuy many things for poor places in the world. JW staands and does just as much as any other religion. So why not attack religion and not a religion

  • Jehovah Witnesses don't serve in the military and in times of war they pretend like nothings happening. They come to your door with their absurd pamphlets and their children have died because they refused to take a blood transfusion. The Jehovah Witness faith is a dangerous cult that affects all peoples in whatever country they infect in a very negative way, unlike mainstream Catholic or Protestant religions.

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