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I'm feeling hopeless and confused to the point where I've actually been questioning whether or not it is worth going on. I'm 21. I need a job. I need to make money so I can get out of my parents home. I'm not delusional and I'm willing to do the work. However, physically, I am not doing well and it has only been getting worse over the years. We aren't even sure what it is at this point. It started as a menstruation problem at age 11, where my periods were devastatingly horrible to the point where I couldn't even go to school. But at least that only lasted a week. Now, I still have bad periods, but now it's accompanied by me cramping for an entire month with symptoms of nausea and headaches. I'm certainly not pregnant, although that is the only thing that comes up when I search this up. I started taking birth control because they said it would help. It's been a week and so far, it's only made things worse. Bloating, I think I've gained 10 lbs, more nausea, and migraines. My body feels very confused. Can someone help? Please? These doctors seem to be stealing me of our money and it isn't fair to my parents, who I already have a strained relationship with. Also, is there any way I can make money online? I don't mean crap money either like from answering surveys that pay a dime a dozen or anything that requires me having to use s e x to sell myself. I mean actual legit jobs that I don't need require any experience. Otherwise, I feel so useless and like a waste of space... I hate being confined to a bed or a couch because of this. It sucks. At least if I could earn money online I could give back to my parents... Please help. I'm desperate.


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  • Doctors are willful morons when it comes to women's health. You could have PCOS and/or fibroids and/or all sorts of things going on down there, but most doctors (including the female ones) will downplay your pain and difficulties while guilt-tripping you that you're not out there making babies. Don't even think about asking one of them to remove your internal lady bits, you'll get laughed out of the office.

    As for finding income? You're obviously online, and the world is now on a gig economy. Something will turn up sooner rather than later. Good luck, and stock up on Advil!

  • You can contact a call center. Some places do have work from home positions in customer service. Need a good laptop and secure internet connection.

  • Dang that's hard. You can exchange currencies. If you can get a little cash, or just try to invest in real estate.

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