Moving blindfold....

My house is at stake...people recommended me to go USA and work and study side by order to submit the conversion fee to save my house by the time 2020. They say, I lost my parents 2 years ago and I work as a developer in India at 8000 inr. With left over I am surviving so far....I have never stepped out my home city. My course fee in $32000 and I don't have it...they is easy to work and pay your expenses...I am not really convinced....what should I do...I am afraid I will lost my career here and might not able to go back or what if they deport me....I will loose all my fixed deposit and will be forced to quit....Is there anyone who had the same situation.....what decision is correct...Thank you

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  • Get the loan. Rent. Study and a part time job.
    Until you are making over 60000 rent and start paying loan. Take any job you can but keep applying for jobs in your field.

    Do nothing if it is only temp visa you can get.

  • It is 5 years of study visa

  • Thank you, I should take the chance then and let's see what happens...I got my visa. what is gonna happen that will happen....Thanks again

  • What America does not need is another Indian.

  • Even I don't feel like coming to your country, thanks but no thanks

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