She doesn't know

I've been happily married for awhile and since day one it's been my ultimate fantasy to watch my girl with other guys as it was with my ex's, it's just my thing. So thanks to social media I hooked up with an old friend. So I started by mentioning how I would like a 'cameraman' to tape my wife and I having s**, a home movie for personal use. I worked my way up to letting him know that I liked the thought of sharing her. So my wife and I head to his place with the plan that we would get naughty to some degree. I told her that when we got there if I said "show me your t***" to not think about it just flash us, so that's what I did and she like the best wife ever held up her shirt exposing her t***. We were both very nervous perhaps him as well. He did not know our intent as we weren't sure how far we would go. After exposing herself I lied and said "I didn't see them very good" and out they came again. I asked her if she could just take her shirt off and she did. My friend started complimenting her body, I said let's get naked. It was the best feeling ever. I was finally one of the husbands that I've watched in cuckold videos for years. She took off her shorts leaning her pink lace panties on and laid down on the bed. I laid on one side of my wife and he laid on the other. I think I was more nervous the her or him but I'm sure they were nervous none the less. She put a hand on each c*** through our pants and started groping. Him and I both took out our members. She laid there "skiing" and then sat up between us and kept going. I started playing her breast when she took his hand and placed it on the other. She was doing quite well but the again we had talked about it for years. She then let go of me and started pleasuring herself while playing with him. I asked if she wanted me to perform oral on her which was a dumb question. She sat on my face and wiggled while playing with him still. He was groping her all over, she came really close to putting him in her mouth but didn't. After she orgasmed she sat on my c*** and continued playing with him still. I was so turned on I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I asked if she wanted to ride my friend and she was slow answering but said yes, I tried to get out in time but it was too late, just as she got off I shot the most massive load ever, I was trying not to as I didn't want to and it was still sooo much. It went all over me and her. just then there was a knock at the door so we got dressed. A lot of noise and giggling. It was his uncle (never met before or after) I sure he knew something was up but whatever. My wife in her tight little shorts and tiny tank top dressed like a hot wife should. What I can't help think about is my plan in my head as I've thought it about it a million times was to go outside and have a smoke while they had s**. Not the whole time but for a few minutes as it's hot to not be in the same room and if I had done that the uncle would've showed up and I'd be outside talking to him having a smoke while my wife was in the bedroom with my friend. It was the one of the best days of my life.

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