People Who Cut For Attention

Dear people who cut for attention,

I just want to let you know that I hate you and everyone who cuts because they're actually depressed also probably hate you. Self harm is NOT a funny thing and it's not something that should be used as a way to gain sympathy, attention, or popularity.

Self harm in any form (burns, cuts, bruises...) will leave a scar that you'll carry with you for a long time. People are usually hesitant around you because they don't want to ask what's wrong and they don't want to offend you.

You're not considered "cool" or "pretty" in society if you have scars because people don't understand what's been going on behind the scenes. They opt for perfection and having scars all over your body would "ruin that perfect image".

Please don't cut because a celebrity, friend or family member does it or has scars from it.

Thank you



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  • Cutting is rehearsing suicide.

  • Self-harm isn't about seeking affirmation of "being cool", it's means to seek help but not knowing how to do it or how to explain what help is needed.

  • Really. I thought it was all about "relieving pain", since apparently self-harm (especially cutting) is the only possible source of pain relief available on the planet.

    No. It's about attention. End of.

  • Wow. I did not realize that there were people who did this for "fun". That's insulting and messed up. From, a fellow self-harmer.

  • What's insulting is that pain is nothing new to any human anywhere, but attention whores like you want everyone to think you're the first to ever experience it. That, and that there's one and ONLY one way to deal with it- by making lots of permanent and highly visible scars. Talk about insulting and messed up. Learn a few proper coping techniques that don't leave evidence, there are MANY to choose from. But you won't, because you do it for fun and attention. From, a fellow person living this painful life who doesn't need attention.

  • I find pain really relaxing. It maybe the focus needed to cut but while I was doing it I shut off from the stress of the world. that was years ago. Maybe two years ago I was talking to a gf about 50 shades and one thing led to another and I asked her to paddle me like people talk about used to happen to teenagers. Wow. The pain was so liberating. It was just the most awakening feeling. I have done it since then. When I feel stressed. I see her and she hits me. It's weird to say it like that. And if I have a stress headache well this is better than Panadol and coffee.

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