I know weight is a touchy subject and that it can be damaging to have someone comment on it. Any size, really, but especially when one is overweight. However, is there a point where we just can't keep quiet? I am very sympathetic to the "fat-shaming" movement. Only because I get that we are all different shapes and sizes. When I see someone clearly not taking care of themselves and gulping food down, I find it hard to hold my tongue and am annoyed. There are two significant males in my life who are overweight. I can't stand the way they eat and how much they eat. I think the worst part is knowing how insecure they are about it but they aren't doing anything to change it. My boyfriend eats the worst food at the worst times (Bread with nacho cheese for breakfast!) and barely chews his food before gulping it down and going for seconds. Now, he's been more mindful of his lifestyle, so I don't mind as much. He's learning to take his time while he eats and is eating the right foods at the right times. Then there is my younger brother, who eats everything in sight at all times. He is disgusting. He contaminates everything with his dirty hands and eats loudly. I think he eats just to eat with little to no consideration that the rest of us need to eat too. He's in the other room eating cereal right now, and I can hear all the munching and slurping and swallowing as he holds the cereal box hostage, no doubt going for seconds. Am I wrong to be repulsed and concerned by this? Am I wrong to want to point him to a healthier direction? Healthier doesn't mean eating less, it just means eating better and at the right times. This kid will have 4 meals in a day, then come down to eat before he goes to bed, THEN comes down for a midnight snack, oh and eats whatever anyone else cooks for themselves along the way. I remember making a cheese pizza for myself because everyone decided to have a hearty steak instead (I'm vegetarian). After his meal, this kid STILL decides to take a few slices of my pizza. Does this annoyance and disgust make me a fat-shamer? I get annoyed when skinny people do this too (eat everything with little regards to everyone else needing portions, eating loudly, etc) but I haven't seen many skinny people do it... only fat people seem to eat like their a vacuum.

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  • Just STFU. You, just about all the little dumbass children on this site are ridiculous.

  • This seems like a reaction based on your own fears. You could be that guy who gains weight in the mid forties. Lots of it because of the new dream job that you got at a desk.

  • I think you could be right.

  • Maybe it's not fat people but you. Ask yourself why does it bother you? Why does other people's behaviour that doesn't affect you in any way shape or form bother you enough to spend mental energy on suppressing your reactions? There are some behaviours that you can't and shouldn't try to change; specifically the ones that don't affect your life. If we all felt like we had to do something about someone's annoying self-inflicting behaviour the world would be way worse than it is now. I find posts like yours annoying and stupid but you don't hear me saying that I'd like to find you and break your damn fingers so that you can't type out these stupid ramblings. I may feel that for a second, but it'll pass as soon as I forget about this posting.

  • It does affect me when more than half the food we have in the house has gone missing. It does affect me when I have to hear them complain about their weight and health issues when they aren't doing anything to change it. It does affect me because I don't like seeing people I care about in situations that they clearly aren't happy with. Also, you kind of just did say that that little tad bit at the end but... Anyways, you didn't answer the question. At what point do we keep quiet over the fear of "fatshaming"? Because I see them get bigger and suffer more and more each year. Should I stay quiet until they die?

  • Fat America is disgusting. There are med conditions that cause some to have weight problems that I do understand. It's the crap food and over eating gross fatties have no excuse. Then the ladies who put it on display by stuffing it all in 5X yoga pants and head out in public. What's worse than that is 300 lb nudist. I thought it would be fun to do a nude cruise. It was sick watching all those fatties lines up to the buffet like cattle.

  • Eat s*** you self righteous little prig.

  • I like skinny. I starve my gf. She is skinny and I am skinny. When we go out I will have a small meal and I will only let her have a really small meal and sometimes I make her go 24hs with no food.

  • Yeah and if you lost your cell phone you would dissolve like a dog t*** in the rain.

  • You just need to be the best version of you and do what makes you feel better, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to lose weight for health and to eat healthy foods.

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