Trying to quit cussing is harder than quitting smoking

Twelve years ago I got fired for using obscene language and profanity. It was my fault and I harbor no grudge. You are not supposed to curse at a bank and I did and was overheard, reported and terminated.

OK, I got a new job and I have been trying not to cuss ever since. I mean you can't discard cuss words like you can an ack of cigarettes. They are with you seven twenty-four. The Lord's name in vain, the f-word the S word haunts me every waking moment.

Mst days I spend time not cussing. Not cussing is doing something and taking up time. Its like quitting smoking and not smoking is doing something and the thing you are doing to resisting the urge to cuss.

I have a small case of obsessive-compulsive disorder which I am sure is one reason profanity escapes my lips so often and so easily.

I have not cursed for three months now but like tobacco, it makes its sudden reappearances and causes trouble.

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