I wish I could quit cussing and using obscene language

I got fired from my job ten years ago for using profanity and obscenities. I'm a frustrated person and I got in the habit when I was a teenager.

When I use profanity for one split second I fee better. That's not an excuse.

Trying to not cuss is like not talking or breathing. I've done it so long it's second nature.

Sep 6, 2016

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  • Learn swears in other languages, the more obscure the better. Here's your first homework assignment: Find out how one says "Pigfucking tittytwizzling fuckknuckle" in Tamil.

    You are welcome. :)

  • It's like anything else, you need to practice if you really want to succeed at it. If you just try to shut it off at work, you're going to mess up at some point. You need to go on a strict, never-allow-yourself-to-cuss-even-when-you're-alone plan. If you can go three weeks without saying a cuss word, it will get much easier. Once you've gone a year without, you won't even feel the need to do it, because you will have developed totally new reactions to things to replace the cuss words.

  • F*** you! You g****** motherf****** c***! I should s*** on your t*** you f****** b****!

  • Haha my mother has you beat on a bad day.

  • Maybe you have tourettes syndrome.

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