Not a good mom

I love my husband, and my kids. I love being pregnant and especially getting pregnant. But I am a terrible mom. I just hate having to "govern" my kids (I have 4 and 1 on the way, with no plans of stopping there). I pretty much let them do whatever. They are very destructive and most people don't want to be around us or have us over for visits. The other day, I bought them a bunch of toys. The 3 boys immediately started to break them, and then wanted me to buy more. The thing is, I just lounged on the couch with my cigarettes and watched them, but didn't stop them. I just can't do that. Our walls have holes in them, kitchen cabinet doors are broken off, most knick knacks have been destroyed, and I could care less. I guess I am the ultimate permissive mom. My husband must be a pretty permissive dad because he doesn't seem to be much more of a disciplinarian than me.

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  • Do you cheat on hubby? Do you ever go black?

  • I am the same way. Just let my kids go wild. I just don't want to get into the hassle of controlling them. I've got 3 and my husband keeps f****** me to get more. Parenting this way is actually very easy..

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  • Ask your self is this really what you want ?.....practice discipline, religion, inculcate spiritual and moral values in them right from the beginning...else they would be hooligans and you'll be sorry, if you would not start taking care of it right from the beginning...I don't want to sound like a MOM OR DAD...but for the sake of your family you must do something about it..good luck

  • Did you smoke thru all your pregnancies? I did too. Guess they all turned out OK, like mine? I had 3.

  • I did. Worried a lot with first one, worried a little with second, now I just smoke away. I seem to have a strong body that way.

  • Wow. This exactly what every other culture talks about when it comes to white people. Y’all don’t discipline your kids enough. No wonder we have school shootings and what not. Because parents like you aren’t doing they’re part, so those kids go and hurt other people’s children. Get your sorry ass off the couch and stop being a waste of humanity.

  • Go babe! how many will you have? i have 8 ruffians running wild in my house.

  • No plans, really, but it sounds like 8 would be a good number.

  • Honestly, it's the only way to have kids and keep your sanity. I just ignored mine, eventually they got old enough to not be such a problem anymore.

  • You could make friends with most of the people here

  • Just make sure you don't send them to school--they will be disruptive to the other kids (and teachers).

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