I want a baby

I am 18,in college. Been in a relationship with my boyfriend since we were 16. A few months back I really thought I was pregnant.i totally missed my period. I took the test and it was negative. I was happy that day but the next day I actually cried because I wanted it to be positive. Ever since then I've secretly hoped my period doesn't come. I want more than anything to move in with my boyfriend, drop down on college classes and have a baby and be a stay at home mom/house wife. I have always wanted to be a mom. It's what I think I'm supposed to be. I can't help but want to have a baby... Anyone suggestions??



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  • If your boyfriend won't c** inside you, find someone who looks like him in a different city, and let him blow his load in you. Then f*** your boyfriend later, and tell him your little bundle of joy is his!

  • If you reread your confession, you'll see how selfish and immature you are. The fairytale of being a family is nice and one day it will happen for you. But it's clear that you shouldn't be a mother right now and not that way - not trapping your boyfriend. You don't see the big picture. Do yourself, your boyfriend and your future children a favor..get an education, then get married, get financially stable so you can provide and plan for a family. It will happen for you, but do it the right way. Begin to talk about your boyfriend, if he is the one..about your future together. Continue with college and get your degree, because at some point when all your kids are off to school you will have to get a job. And if you have no degree and no real life or work experience the reality will be settling for some minimum wage job that will barely put food on the table or buy anything for your kids. And if you get pregnant now, how would it be possible for your boyfriend to finish his studies? He will have to quit school so he can get a job and pay for all the bills, shelter, food, health care, insurance, car upkeep, clothing this child and you will require and there is no guarantee he will stay with you. Be realistic. Live life and enjoy life and your boyfriend. Travel, go out with friends. You'll have enough responsibilities soon enough..like finding a job in this economy - don't add a child into the mix. Grow up a bit.

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