This is such a minor thing to everyone, but it's bugging me so much. People complain about the dress code: no leggings on their own. That makes total sense! Ya know why? BECAUSE LEGGINGS AREN'T PANTS!!!! THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO BE USED UNDER SKIRTS, LONG SHIRTS, AND DRESSES! THEY'RE THIN BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WORN ON THEIR OWN!


Okay, I'm done

Mar 23, 2018

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  • My wife wears knee-length leggings. The lighter colored ones are the best because they show everything between her thighs. She wears them as pants and guys love looking at her.

  • You're wasting your time here, OP. This is where the obsessives and virgins hang out trying to sound like something they're not. Also, we live in an attention economy now. I feel you-- discretion used to be a thing, but not any more. But it's a losing battle. Idiocracy turned out to be a documentary.

  • You must be a fat female with body dis-morphia.

  • You must be a fat momma's boy who thinks he deserves only goddesses, but sees life through a Dorito haze

  • We live in a golden era. Don't ruin this for the rest of us!

  • They are just exercise pants made of Lycra and comfortable.

  • Leggings are hot. Why should women stop wearing them. Guys like that kind of thing, especially with cameltoe.

  • Jeez. A true first world problem. And immature. And intolerant. You are very special.

  • So these are the kinds of things you get mad about, eh?

  • You forgot to mention and not be worn by fatties. Most disgusting thing going.

  • Well fatties should not wear anything. They should expose themselves for ugly ridicule until tey are skinny and their bodies can be truly beautiful

  • I just love it when geniuses like you are allowed to vocalize. It's like visiting the zoo! LOL

  • Total truth up in here.

  • Well give me girls in leggings with or without skirts or skirts with or without leggings :)

  • I agree with you gimme gimme

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