Bachelorette and male stripper-how wild did it get?

I went to a Bachelorette party in a private residence where the bride sucked the stripper and he c** on her face with everyone cheering including her mother in law! Have any ladies got any genuine stories about private parties and male strippers and in laws! I thought that was crazy but maybe you can out do it. No fake p**** type fantasies please just real situations.

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  • I went to a bachelorette party with male strippers and it was against the rules to suck c*** but they did let us touch. No f****** was allowed, but none of us wanted that anyway. They would eat p**** if you showed it, and a few of us who were in the mood got licked off. And no, the mother in law was not invited lol.

  • The women are far worse than guys , I worked in a troupe for a number of years , basically how it goes is they get warmed up on the grog , prior , then you have the main show which was pretty stereotypical , but after that is when it really starts , there were around 4 super muscle guys and then there was " roaming " this meant just working the floor , keeping everybody happy , maybe they wanted one particular guy etc .
    But these women are aggressive , they constantly apologise and then grab your manhood again , regulation in Australia you should not be erect on the floor , only in private , they often like dancers together hence lots of screaming and carry on even from the old ones .
    Possibly the most difficult experience was a situation where one had pulled and sucked me , very very close to climax so that was tough , then the mother in law literally grabbed me , three others jumped in two , and basically one of the bridesmaids jumped right on top of it , she was super wet , and I couldn't move , no protection , and I'm holding on for gold as she rode me , the others kept saying " it will be alright " , its alright , come on ( Melissa ) come on , she squirted all over me , then took me straight in her mouth . The lady was a young married .
    Mother in law , later thanked me for being a " Good Sport " and you understand things get " Crazy " but it was really quite claustrophobic and I had no way out of it . These kind of things happen often at Hens nights .

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  • We had a stripper for my bachelorette party. I didn't do anything but my sister and one of her bf's sucked him off at the same time. Then my sister let him f*** her. My mother was there and she didn't say anything. Sister is married btw.

  • And this was in front of everyone!

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