My girfriend and her daughter giggling at me naked

I have been seeing my girlfriend for about 18 months now. Her daughter lives with her but usually she is away at her Dads at the weekend so that in my opportunity to stay over.

More recently my GF says her daughter is more used to me being around so about a month ago, I stayed over when she was home too as she didnt go away that weekend.

It all went well until last week when something which I thought was weird happened. If me and my GF have had s** I tend to stay naked for the night and I will only slip on some shorts if i need to go to the bathroom. The night in question I didnt so I woke up naked.

As I stirred I became accutely aware of voices and giggling in particular. I opened my eyes realising that firstly I was naked, secondly I was out of the covers, on my back and fully exposed with a wka up in the morning errection.

As I became more concious I geot quickly aware of the fact that my girfriend and her daughter we both sat on her side of the bed looking at me and giggling!! I was so so embarrassed!! I kind of subtly rolled over and grabbed the covers and prtended to go back to sleeo for 10 mins or so, they giggly stopped and the girls got up and started to go about their sunday moning business.

I am still emabrassed and never mentioned the incident to either of them, I thought I would pretend to ignore it and hopefully will get forgotten.

But, I can hep thinking my GF is weird for not covering me up when her daughter came in to her room. I really began to bother me over the last couple of days and I think I will have to mention it.

Then yesterday as the intitial moral shock settled down, I began to think about it in a more relaxed manner. I acually started to feel aroused at the thought of my girlfriedn and her daughter seeing me naked. last night I masterbated while I thought of us having a 3 way s** session. I feel really guilty and i havent really done anything except fantasised. I think I need to leave the relationship as it could all get in such a mess...

not sure what to do!! Any morally sound guidence you can give me?


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  • Imagining the daughter is 12 .... mmmm ....

  • Much younger

  • Unless he means months baby is hot

  • Stop being a p**** and f*** them both that's any man's dream u need to seize the opportunity genius

  • I probably would have givin into temptation

  • It's Good that you didn't do anything, and it's good that you left, i would certainly be embarrased if i woke up naked with people giggling at me. Stay Strong!

  • They have seen you nude so why bother getting dressed walk around in the nude everytime you are there.

  • ....update....I finished the relationship at the weekend. I have had alot of experiences in my life which have been collectively great, but that was one I just didnt want.

  • How old is the daughter?

  • She is 17

  • You've already mast u r bated over the idea of them both, they both wanted to see you naked this is a no brainer they are both whiling to have s** with you! This could be the best thing for you all

  • I agree - waste of a golden opportunity!

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