We are using each other

I'm at college and I share a room with another girl. Neither of us have a boyfriend but I'm not gay or bi and neither is she ... or so I thought. When I'm at home I'm in the habit of often wearing just a rugby shirt, and I don't think much of it, however a few weeks ago we were both watching TV and drinking wine, and I noticed her glancing across at me. I realised that the rugby shirt had ridden up slightly and she could see my p****. I thought she was thinking I was a bit vulgar, but then she got up, came over, moved my thighs apart and gave me the most incredible oral s**. I couldn't believe it. Afterwards she told me that she is bi, and when she did, I don't know why, I said that I'm bi too even though I'm not. Since then she's gone down on me several times more, and she has even rimmed me. I've never done it back, and never will, I couldn't do those things to another girl, but I'm quite happy for her to do them to me while I don't have a boyfriend ... the o****** are much stronger than when I m*********. So I guess I'm using her, and I think deep down she knows that, but I guess by letting her do it I am fulfilling her needs as well as my own, so she is kind of using me too because I think she knows that I'm not bi.

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  • You seem like a selfish lover, regardless of whatever your sexuality is! I hope you pleasure her aswell, it's f***** up to receive pleasure like you're entitled to it, but not give her pleasure back! You don't have to orally provide pleasure for her, perhaps try tribbing/fingering or scissoring her, don't just lay their like a plank of wood!

  • My room mate is one kinky girl!!! Last night we were drinking lots of wine and she offered to go down on me. I said ok but said I needed to go to the bathroom first. When I got up to go she followed me in and kneeled on the floor in front of me. At first I thought she just wanted to watch, which I kinky enough, but then he asked me to pee in her mouth!! She said she wanted me to use her as my toilet, can you believe that!!!

  • That's awesome. I'm a gay female and I'd love my partner to do that for me. What was in your mind as she was drinking it for you?

  • I was surprised, and a bit shocked. That was the main thing in my mind, but very quickly I was thinking that I wanted her to drink it, I wanted her to swallow it, because it was giving me a buzz that she was doing it.

  • It's unusual for a girl to enjoy drinking p***, it's usually guys, though girls are usually more than happy to indulge them.

  • P**** munching is an individual preference, regardless of gender and sexuality. Remember that and you'll appear less ignorant.

  • I'm a guy and I've drank women's p*** several times. Usually women are not sure at first but once they get used to the idea they will always agree to it, and after they've done it for the first time they'll often want to do it again.

  • You're right, I've dated two fellas who liked to drink my pee, and I didn't have a problem with it. Good s** is about exploring new things and pushing the boundaries.

  • Hi, I'm the OP and I just thought I'd give an update. We had a long conversation and the upshot is that my room-mate enjoys being sexually submissive, so she is actually attracted to the idea of being 'used' for s**. She confessed to enjoying things that I would consider quite kinky, and we've agreed to do some of those, but the main thing is that she wants to carry on with the oral/r****** sessions and I'm more than happy to let her do it. So as one poster said, this is a win-win situation.

  • You could dress more sexily to reward her

  • It’s college get used to crazy s*** parties making out having all nighters with people you think your not attracted to

  • Sounds like a win-win.

  • Good gawd it's rude not to give her something back

  • You have to bear in mind that she initiated the situation, with no expectation of me doing the same things to her. She can also call a halt to this at any time. So I don't think it is rude, in fact it would be wrong of her to expect me to do something that I am not comfortable doing, and to be fair she doesn't. She is doing what she wants to do, and so am I, so as another commenter has said, it is a win-win situation.

  • B***** lickin lesbians rule

  • When a gay or bi individual does oral s** they enjoy doing it as much as the person receiving the s**. Let her do it and never feel guilty.

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