Life after Dearh

To be short and brief I have done terrible things in my life...and then suddenly a death took place of my close friend's late rites were performed and on this account, the lectures from Garud Puran are delivered which revile the concept of life after says the sinful soul we'll taken to h*** and the when death is closer to you....40 ,000 scorpions bite you and soul could not bear that much pain and leaves the body right over there....which is eventually captured by angels of death who look like demons and they start beating the h*** out of you...the distance from earth's surface to final court(GOD'S court) is 1032000 KM and soul covers this distance right by its feet only....there are 16 different stations comes between the journey and each one is horrific and pain full. The first one they is "YAMAYPUR" where there are 10 suns in the sky each with 50 degree temp when the sinful soul is travelling towards its destination.....I write all this not to scare anyone or with some other intention but to say that I am petrified as I have done illegal s**, groped women, never respected my parents ,teachers,elders.....I am scared I have to gone through with so much pain as I am not able to control my sexual urge and keep on watching p*** and m********* a lot.....feeling helpless

Apr 8, 2018

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  • That guy's description of the punishment after death is was way too specific for him to know what he was talking about. There may be nothing after we die. That's sure what it looks like. Nobody knows what happens after we die but I can state that in my opinion you just go to the grave or however your body is disposed of. I think you go nowhere after you die. I don't care how good or bad you were.

  • Yes , no one knows what happens after we die and 95 % of our opinion is based on what our religion tells us . If fear can deviate us from the wrong then hel-l is really helpfull. The biggest punishment of doing a sinful act is that it destroys you mental peace. Thank you for you time...

    Post writer

  • Fear can also deviate us from the right. Ever think of that?

  • The terrible things you did were masterbaashun and p0√n? Uh oh, I'm in biig trouble. :/

  • Oh so sorry sir/ma'am...I haven't done something as per u the way u want to

  • No matter how bad you have done. You can always repent.

  • Thank you mate

  • If you are serious about wanting to change, I suggest going to some sort of therapy/counseling, especially if you don't believe this is something you can achieve on your own... I don't think you'd be on here if that was the case. Good luck with everything. You can do it. Just take it one step, one day at a time.

  • Thank you...might find some peace

  • Sounds like the mouthings of a lunatic to me.

  • As expected from a******* like you are....don't worry when your time will come you will realize ...go f*** your mom

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