Stepson ungrateful

This 12 year old boy is a total liar and manipulator to his father and I’m sick of it. He moved 100 miles away with his mother (which he kept a secret from his dad until the day before they moved!) which was a god send but now there’s a whole other set of issues to deal with.
He never contacts his dad and he’s on his phone 24/7, not even a call or message on Christmas Day to say thanks for his gifts. (Dad tried to call him Xmas day but didn’t get an answer) The only time he hears from him is when he wants money or a game and of course daddy dearest gives in. Dad drives a total of 6 hours to pick him up and bring him to ours, when he gets here he goes straight in his room and plugs in his PlayStation (that he just HAS to bring) he was here for 5 days, we saw him for a total of an hour (just when it’s lunch or dinner). Daddy dearest of course has to let him bring the PlayStation, coz we cant say no....ever..... Even when he’s only gonna get to see his son for 5 days every 3/4months! As soon as he arrives he says to his dad “when are you taking me home, mum wants to know”
I find it totally disrespectful, do you not think at 12 years old, when you dont get to see your dad that often any more, you would be more considerate of how your making your dad feel?
He’s totally selfish. We took him on a holiday to Orlando (disney, universal etc) the whole time he didn’t crack a smile once (what kid isn’t happy in disney). It was his birthday while we was out there so the holiday was part of his celebration, he got gifts while he was out there and bought anything he wanted. Including a fracking balloon animal that he threw a tantrum over in Denny’s! HES FRICKIN 12!!!!! WELL ANYWAY.....the day we returned we took him back to his mothers (100 mile drive!) on the way home dad gets a text “when are you sending my birthday presents to me?’ ARE YOU F****** SERIOUS! 1 you just got back off a 6 grand holiday and 2 who would dare ask their parents for their birthday presents??!?!?!
I don’t blame the kid for most of his traits coz dad or mum don’t help in that department at all. But at 12 years old you know right from wrong and are aware of peoples feelings.
His dad never sets any boundaries and this kid is always crossing every boundary you can think of.
When we was in orlando we had a safe in the hotel room. At 4 am i find him on his hands and knees opening the safe to get his laptop out! Who gives their kids the combination to a safe? Especially when its not just his and dads stuff in there?
He lost 20pounds the other month and low and behold that exact same amount went missing from my purse! Daddy dearest of course would never blame or tell him off so the behaviour continues!
Every time he’s here.. its The TV isn’t working, the WIFI isn’t working, he radiator is turned off....all because he knows daddy dearest will come and ask me what to do, how to fix it. Or blame me for something not working...coz I moved it, used it whatever! Doing this every time the kid has now learnt that he can get me questioned by his father and he takes joy out of it. Like its him and dad against me. His dad is so blind to this i drives me crazy. Now each time I’m questioned I reply with, “I dont know”

So my questions are:

Would you let your kid speak to you like you dont matter when your the father?
Would you question your parents about when your getting your birthday present?
Would you give your 12 year old a ballloon animal just because I WANT IT?
Would you let your kid or step kid have thee combination to your safe?
Would you let him bring the PlayStation knowing he’s only going to sit in his room with it and not get to spend any time with him?
Would you accept only being contacted for money or gifts?

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  • Trust me we've two children and if they did just a hint off what you said here. They would be sleeping on their tummys as they often are. They are bought grounded since Saturday and my husband spanked them bought Saturday. I will spank them bought Friday when their grounding ends. They are bought going too bed at seven each evening and loss some privileges. I'd say tann that little boys ass...

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