There is anybody that are in polygamy relationships man or women ? tell me your story

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  • Well I’m not married, but I have a GF of about 2 years (who I intend to propose to eventually) and I f*** like 2 other girls a week. Though they’re not necessarily other “girlfriends” just c**** I f***. Occasionally random I meet.

    When my GF first found out I f***** other women a little less about 4 months into our relationship, she broke up with me. Couple weeks later we got back together. Within a month after she joined in for a threesome.

    She says she’s completely faithful, and honestly I believe her. Half a year into our relationship I got a private investigator to follow her for a month - nothing even worth second guessing. I still do hire PI’s every six months, because the truth is, I’m apprehensive as f*** that she’ll cheat on me - I am quite f****** insecure in that regard.

  • Weird hey. You cheat on her and yet you are apprehensive about her cheating on you.

    #Metoo. I have an app hidden on my wifes cell phone. I track her. I can take photos and listen in on her and she knows nothing about it.

  • Yeah, and it’s not like I had a tragic upbringing of anything, I honestly don’t know, it’s just how I am.

  • Yeah, but it's something you can change, and honestly, I would. That kind of view is quite troubling and I'm not sure that your girlfriend would appreciate being tracked by a private investigator. It's a behaviour you can change, and it would be better for your relationship I feel you did.

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