Male p*** drinker.

I've been drinking female p*** for decades started as a teen at beer parties when girls would p*** outside while I was peeing too. I would as and a few peed on me or let me lick them after they peed. I've drank the pee of every woman I've ever been in relationships with even had a few friends who would let me drink their per from a glass or pee on me but no s** they just found it funny to pee on me. Now I have thing I want to drink the pee of a woman who is a total stranger likely a dancer I've thought of asking a few who allowed s** in lap dance booth to just pee on my clothes but I really want to drink p*** from a really dirty s*** type girl some who uses her p**** to make a living. The fact the woman would be such a w**** is the real turn on. I want her to tell all the other dancers what we did and what a pig I am. I don't want to catch anything but so into the idea of a random s*** useing me as a toilet then telling others about what a pig I am.

Jul 10, 2018

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  • I fantasize all the time about a guy drinking my p***🤤🤤

  • I drink my granddaus p

  • I've never drank pee before, but I was at a frat party where someone paid me $40 to eat s**** off of a piece of chocolate cake. It went down well.

  • I'm a woman and I've had a guy drink my pee on several occasions. I must admit I quite enjoyed it, and if a guy wants to be my toilet I'm happy to let him, but to be honest I don't really see what they guy gets out of it. Perhaps one of the guys on here could explain.

  • Its beautiful nectar that flows from your sweet p****... I drink it all the time

  • Can i please date you? XD

  • Oh yes we love being dominated

  • Oh 're a disgusting pig

  • ^^ no your just a t-w-a-t^^

  • Just like you

  • ^^ no you are clearly a bigoted t-w-a-t!!^\

  • You are that fungus which comes out after rubbing the d***....d*** head

  • ^^ typical degenerate moron, can't stand other people having an opinion so you try and degrade them!
    Do your self a justice go and punch your parents in the face for allowing you to be born! It's only fare they are probably siblings anyway!!

  • Only pigs eat and drink s*** just like you. It is your mother who deserves to be kicked in her crotch as while she was p****** suddenly you were dropped from her hole into the pot

  • Pee drinking, not s-h-i-t you are clearly an ignoramus! Unlike the the so called pigs you keep referring too, who are intelligent animals.

    You are self opinionated, so go and talk to your care worker, who looks after you I've wasted time on you parasite!

  • Likewise buddy....

  • I remember when I was 18 walking home from the pub with three friends who were all girls. We were all fairly drunk and took a short cut across a playing field. Half way across one of the girls said she needed to pee and being a bit drunk I said she could do it in my mouth. She didn't need to be asked twice and before I knew it she was encouraging me to lie on the grass while pulling her knickers down. She then stood over me with a leg either side of my head and squatted down over my face. The other two girls were laughing and egging her on. The next thing I knew her pee was shooting into my mouth and I was drinking it as best as I could. When she'd finished the second girl, not to be outdone, took her knickers off too and squatted down over me, filling my mouth with her pee. Then the third girl did the same. It was a wonderful experience and all three girls said it was one of the best things they'd ever done. Somehow I ended up with one of the girl's knickers in my hand I remember sniffing them as we walked home. The girls thought it was great fun. Happy days!

  • Brilliant, you are a very lucky person

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