They buried a career criminal in my ancestral cemetary

He died in prison and he had done many bad things. Sexually molested children robbed houses and he had beaten his wife to death. You could not say he had a single redeeming quality. A monster but here his family was burying him in a nice coffin with a nice marker. The marker says beloved son on it.

How could anyone love this monster? If he were related to me I'd have let the prison bury him.

Jul 10, 2018

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  • Grave markers, just like everything else human-made and posterity-oriented, have an element of bullshit to them. "Beloved Son" is neither the first nor the last lie you will ever see on a gravestone. Speaking of bullshit, I'm another commentator cutting side eye at you for thinking that cemetery is "yours" in any way, shape or form. Each and every relative of yours in there is a dried-out pile of smelly worm food, just like everyone else's relatives. Find something else to get snotty and possessive about, okay Sunshine?

  • Cuz the main thing about being a parent is to love your child unconditionally. No matter what he did. The parents still loved him. At least they shoul still love him.

  • I mean, there comes a point where the bonds of family really need to be taken a look at. If this stuff is true, I would personally find it hard to love someone like that.

  • "Your" cemetery?

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