GF treats me badly but I enjoy it

I love my girlfriend very much, I'd do anything for her and she knows it, but sometimes she takes advantage of that. When it is just the two of us together she can be very loving but in front of her friends she is completely different, she seems to want to say things to embarrass me and even belittle me and I don't know why. There are many instances that I could talk about but one that stands out above all others. One night she went out with four of her friends and they all arrived back at our place just after midnight. They'd been drinking heavily and were quite raucous and loud. Immediately they opened more bottles of wine and started drinking further. Being sober I just sat in the chair listening, and my girlfriend would occasionally ask me to fetch things from the kitchen for her friends. After a while their conversation turned to boyfriends and s**, and in particular the size of their boyfriends' penises. And it turned out that although I am not massively endowed my p**** was apparently the biggest. It was at that point the focus turned to me, they were saying all sorts of embarrassing things and all sorts of innuendo. I could feel my face turning red and that just seem to encourage them to say more and more until one of them said I should get it out to let them see it. Immediately the other girls jumped in and were saying I should show it to them, but instead of my girlfriend stopping the situation she just told me to get it out and show them. I said I didn't want to but her friends were insisting and with that my girlfriend grabbed at my trousers and undid the button and zip. Before I knew it my trousers and underpants were off and I was stood in front of them just wearing socks and a t-shirt. One of the girls then decided I should take my t-shirt off as well so she pulled it over my head leaving me just in my socks. My p**** was only partly erect so her friends started to make jokes that my girlfriend had exaggerated my p**** size. This seemed to annoy her and she started telling me to make it bigger. I just froze and didn't do anything so she grabbed it and started to m********* me, but it was obvious that she wanted me to do it, so the next thing I knew I was stood there, naked other than for my socks, masturbating in front of this group of drunken girls all clapping and chanting 'w***, w***, w***'. I couldn't believe that she would make me do this, and I could feel tears coming into my eyes. It was then that one of the girls saw that I was upset and suggested that I should stop, but the others, including my girflriend, insisted that I should carry on till I e******** and so that is what I did, to the sound of much clapping, cheering and chanting. As soon as it was over I picked up my clothes and went into the bedroom and that was then end of that. A few days letter I got a note from the girl who'd suggested that I should stop saying that she was sorry for her part in what happened, she said that the following day when she had sobered up she was mortified about what had gone on. My girlfriend just brushed it off, saying that most guys would be only too pleased to be able to j*** off in front of five gorgeous girls and that I should just man-up. The thing is that if she asked me to do something like that again I know I would just do it and she knows that too.

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  • Sounds like a typical CFNM fantasy. Sounds fake, but meh.

  • Your GF would talk to me like she did you just ONCE right before my boot kicked her big mouth disrespectful a***. Grow a pair dude and don't allow people to walk on you.

  • Are you gay? why didn't you f***** them.

  • I think they all liked it. No worries.

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