Dressed for the first time

I was 8 when I dressed in girl clothes for the first time. My mother was getting ready for bed and took her clothes off and went take a bath. I put on her bra and panties. I loved the way they felt and I loved thinking I looked like her. I wanted to show her so I walked into the bathroom. She didn't get mad, but smiled at me. She asked if I wanted to dress like her and I said yes.

After that she let me wear any of her clothes. She bought me my own panties, training bras, socks, and nighties. I loved dressing like her. She taught me to be feminine and I loved being with her.

Later she taught me more about being a girl. I've always loved being a sissy and I don't ever want to stop.

Jul 25, 2018

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  • Little boys look cute in girls clothing.

  • So nice to hear a story where the mom did not freak out.

    My mom too was totally cool with me dressing up and even bought me clothes. On some weekends she would even take me to the other side of the city where no one would know me and I would change into my girl clothes and we would walk around together.

    This was from about 7 until 13 when I was developing man features and my voice kind of gave it away.

    Plus I was feeling really conflicted and upset inside. Like I enjoyed being a boy and as puberty hit I was attracted to girls and thought wise I would swing between being angry with myself to being disgusted with myself to thinking there have got to be others and also often thinking if girls can wear boys clothes why cant boys wear girls clothes.

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