I slapped my wife....

My wife is a very very very emotional abusive person. She constantly screams in my face, refuses to admit she does anything wrong and actively makes it her life to blame me for any problems we have. She pushes my buttons, gets in my face and tries to get a reaction out of me constantly. She was the first one to slap actually, she even clawed my face once so badly I can’t grow a beard in parts of it. She is a raged filled woman. But sadly I lost my temper, and slapped her, she was screaming for me to shut the f*** up and I smacked her. She kept saying it and I kept smacking her. I feel so demoralized and trash, like i have failed as a man. I should of never let my anger get the best of me. I know the marriage and relationship is over, but we have a child that’s the only reason I still try. What should I do... I’m seriously contemplating suicide.....

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  • Wait.

    You stay in an abusive marriage "for my child"

    And then in literally the next sentence are like "I wanna kill myself"

    I see why you married this psycho. You are a drama addict and a professional victim. You obviously only see the kid as a bargaining chip for sympathy.

    The rest of the world, which is already overstocked with losers and fools, applauds you and the psychobitch for reproducing. Sarcastically of course.

  • Sounds like she need's her medication adjusted.

  • Narcissism leave her for the sake of the child. Your only damaging that noble child mentally and scarring it forever

  • OP's complete lack of logic sailed right over your sweet little head, didn't it...


  • Call the police the next time she goes bi-polar like that. My ex-wife did the same thing and that's why she's my ex-wife.

  • It could be that your wife hungers to be a submissive to you. She eggs you on, pushing your buttons in hopes that you'll retalliate. She doesn't know how to tell you up front. This is the only way she can get you to give her what she wants. Talk to her about it.

  • First of all s*** in your cumboard,don't flush it and then deliver a piledriver to her in the same cumboard

  • Its called life, s*** happens and we learn from the good/bad times. Buy her some flowers, s**** her brains out, take her out to dinner... get the picture..

  • Please find someone else, man. you sound like a cool dude, and its clear you too aren't compatible. suicide is definitely not the answer. leave her, if you must. i mean, we're just a bunch of people on the internet so don't take our word. just do whats right.

  • See a lawyer and find out your options and protect your assests because if your in the States you will get cleaned out and pay for a long time coming. I stayed in an abusive marriage for many years. The kids were better off that I left that woman and parented separatly from her. It's not good when kids are raised in a war zone.

  • ^true^

  • ……..sometimes...………….a b**** just need a beating...…………………….

  • Suicide is definitely not the answer. You hit your limit. It may not have been your finest moment, but it shouldn't define you. She sounds like the abuser in this relationship. And there are many woman who do abuse men and are not punished simply because men don't report it. You know your wife best, can this marriage be saved if she were to get some help to deal with her anger and also for you two to work on how you communicate. None of this is overnight solutions, but can work if both are willing to work on issues. Then again, the marriage could simply have run it's course and this was the turning point. Maybe you two work better apart than together. You have a child to think of. The constant fighting is not healthy for any of you, especially the child. Does/has she ever hit the child? Lots of things to think about..but not suicide.

  • Wait till she attacks you again leaving physical Mark's.. then grab .. call someone you trust over... or the police... either will make you feel less manly doing.. but forget that feeling ... have her removed file a pfa and enjoy living again

  • Tell her if she doesn’t stop doing what she’s doing you will Just beat her ass...... if she’s big enough to slap a man she’s big enough to get slapped back by a man. Or just leave..........Forget the suicide idea that’s very selfish in your kid

  • Slap the b**** and then file for divorce. Get out now, before this psychopath plunges a knife in your back.

  • I whip my gf and told her if she wants to become my wife then she must be willing to be disciplined by me. No arguing. Just compliance.

  • Yeah yeah you go head with suicide and then pedos will take the advantage of the situation. Ever thought of that..

  • Leave. Suicide does not give the kid a father.

    Leave and you'll end up with 50:50 with the kid and that's a s*** load better than living with the crazy b****. You'll find the kids already know and after you split they handle it pretty well.

  • You need to try counseling; and if that doesn’t work divorce. Your child needs you, don’t leave your child (suicide).

  • You would never hurt anyone as you are a good person. That was the heat of the moment what happened. Your wife doesn't care as you care and I believe she feels trapped in a marriage with a child. That could be the reason of her behavior obviously i can't be sure about it. But for the betterment of you n you're child leave her forever. Child sees you fighting and will soon inculcate.

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