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Recently I was listening to my wife talking to her work colleague on the phone who happens to be a guy , Now she had it on speaker phone so I could here both sides of the conversation . She was not aware I was home , Some of the things they was saying to each other was very flirty and suggestive . When she finally finished the conversation she looked up at me and smiled , She said she new I was there she heard my car pull into the drive , I mentioned how it was very flirty and suggestive between them . My wife assured me it was just innocent flirting and there was nothing going on between them just healthy fun So not only did my wife let me listen to her and her work colleague he was not aware I was there either so it was interesting . I found myself getting turned on by what he was saying to my wife and her replies back to him , What does that make me , I feel weird by this some guy talking about my wife's body parts and what he would like to do to them . We both enjoy what it leads too

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  • That's inappropriate.

  • She’s testing you. Get her in a hot sexual mood.. tell her it turns you on. I love listening and watching my wife flirt with younger guys. She can get their attention in a heart beat. She knows she can’t get away with it at work so it builds up in her.
    I’ve let her leave upscale sports bar/club and make out with these younger males as I continue to drink and watch sporting events on TV. Mmmmm...the ride home is such a trilling experience as she will give me details how it went down.

  • Whatever floats your boat x

  • If it is about just fantasy or turning on each other, let her play. If she really wants another guy but she hesitates to say this to you on your face. Tell her it's okay as you won't be able to stop even if you divorce her. So simple, why are we streching it so much

  • Listening to them talking dirty to each other or my wife telling me what was said is one thing , The dirty thoughts from me are there but I'm not sure how
    far to go without messing things up

  • Ok..don't rush give her some time as she clearly thinks about it but not ready for it but you keep on persuading her with your dirty talks and one day she'll become so hot that it will take many men to cool her off. On the other hand if this office guy is already destroying her on the office table she will get caught, tell her need not to feel embarrassed honey, this is what I always wanted. That's it drag her from hair and throw her on bed fuckk her like a maniac. I hope i was able to help

  • I'm not sure if I would want that , h**** thou

  • I am sorry if i have said something that you dislike

  • You didn't offend me , I like honesty no matter how graphic , It's a bit of a turn on

  • If your wife loves you then its all fun. If she is trying to leave then it's so disheartening.

  • How could I tell ,His there signs I should look for

  • The thought of another guy being with my wife is a big turn on for me too. She likes it too and we use it in our fantasies often.

  • It can t do any harm ,How far would you like to go , also what about your wife how far would she go have you asked her

  • I think she would like to be with another guy but is probably afraid of the emotional attachment. She has a nice body and Sometimes she’ll get on a sexy outfit and we’ll get on a Chatroulette type site and she’ll play with guys on there. A lot of fun!

  • Enjoy do what makes you both feel good , would you want to watch her

  • Yes I do watch her when she plays. I like to record the video it and rewatch it. Very hot.

  • Sounds it I would like to here more , if you want to talk more I'm back in at 11.30 , have to go and do a job

  • If you want you can contact me here too xhamster.com/users/mumfreds

  • Ok thankyou

  • And pics of my wife are ther too if anyone is interested:)

  • I am interested

  • Good, let me know what you think.

  • You just need to take it easy and move on

  • Move on in what way it's quite good fun

  • Oh...I thought you were taking things seriously and yes it fun as well as some motivation too while you are in bed with her

  • We have not gone any further but we do talk about it ,any suggestions have you done anything like this

  • As I mentioned above you might want to try getting on dirtyroulette or omegle if your wife is interested. She doesn’t have to show her face and can click on to the next guy if she isn’t interested.

  • Thank you , any other suggestions would be welcome will try what you said

  • No i am not married as if now...others will help you out on this , from my side speaking from guy's mentality yes it will turn on many men to assume their woman railed by random guy or of her known. Despite she's clean

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