Before I got into management with the company where I work, I was in sales for over 20 years. So I spent my life in airports and airplanes, flying all over. During my travels I played around a lot. Like, a WHOLE lot. I had women -- all ages, all races, all sizes, all marital statuses, all degrees of filthiness -- waiting for me all over the country whenever I came to their town, and I f***** them all. But toward the end of my air travel days I met a flight attendant about my age. She knew I was married (most of my other flings had no f****** clue that I had a family; most of them didn't even know my real name), and I knew she was, too. We started an affair, certain it was just going to be a physical relationship, because the s** was really incredible. However, it gradually grew into something more deep and lasting. Then, six years ago, she turned up pregnant (she thought she couldn't get pregnant any more, so we'd stopped using birth control), her third child, born 12 years after the previous one. The baby was mine, although for now, she and I are the only ones who know that. But next year, when my youngest child by my wife will leave home for college, I'm going to divorce my wife and move Ileana here to be my wife, and we will raise our child together. I look forward to that every day. I miss her and I reeeeeeeally miss the great s**. We only see each other now about twice a month.

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  • You won’t be happy. Same reason you cheated will make you cheat again

  • For years I knew my wife had been cheating on and off with different men. I choose to ignore it and stayed married for my children's sake. I honestly didn't want to be a every other weekend dad. The week my youngest daughter was getting ready to graduate high school ,her and I were out shopping and out of the blue she asks" so are you finally going to divorce her now?" I didn't know what to say. She then went on to tell me she was thankful to have me there while she was growing up and that she loved her mother but we all know she is a constant cheater and you need to leave her now. The day we drove our daughter to college coming home I told my wife I was divorcing her. She was shocked when I told her I knew of all her affairs over the years and hated her everyday for the past ten years when I first found out.

  • Sorry to hear that man. You sound like sacrificed a lot just for the kids sake. She’ll have to answer one day. Hope this day finds you Happy

  • I am sure that was hard, knowing it was happening but saying nothing. My wife hasn't a f****** clue, and she won't have a f****** clue until I leave for Ileana and our child. By then, the kids I have with my wife will all be gone from the house, and they won't care any more. (And frankly...….I actually enjoy cheating: it's great fun and so sexy.)

  • Why do people like you marry...? What wrong your current wife has done to you..? How would you justify this to your wife ? ...and most importantly why the fuckk people like you are born...?

  • I love my wife, and she's done me no wrong, but she doesn't do all the dirty s** things I need. So, I cheat. I don't need to justify it. I just cheat. No biggie.

  • It took 20 years for you to realize that she can't satisfy you. Yes, need not to justify as bcuz there you said it a "cheater" a s** maniac. I hope ur new wife does the same thing to you as karma will hit you back right on your ass and h*** awaits you.

  • No, I knew my wife's sexuality was limited from the very beginning, even before we got married, and I've been cheating all along. I like cheating, it's thrilling, and it makes the s** so much better, every time. If you would try it, just once, you would see, and you would be hooked, and you would agree with me. Totally. Honestly, I think you have the urge and the ability already within you, and I think you should give it a try. Start with a woman you know and trust, and who you're attracted to and who you believe is attracted to you. I'm certain you know several, but just choose one. For starters, anyway. But soon -- I promise -- you'll have the hang of it and you'll be knocking down more whores than you can count or keep track of. Go for it! I know you'll agree with me.

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